Just Watched WWE Friday Night Smackdown…

About five minutes of it.

I had somehow not been exposed to more than five seconds of “pro” wrestling until now. 

I think only now do I realize just how unbelievably retarded americans are.


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6 Responses to Just Watched WWE Friday Night Smackdown…

  1. YouToMe says:

    Hahaha. Cmon! I used to love to watch that! ( well, to be fair only bc my younger bro used to watch it. It grew on me!)

  2. moss_icon says:

    I’m actually a massive fan of pro wrestling. It’s definitely an “acquired taste” and the current product is kinda weak, but I enjoy it for a number of reasons I won’t bore you with here.The one I will bore you with is: I kinda see pro-wrestling as a microcosm of American society. The audience reflect the passions and opinions of the average “Joe Public” and the characters one sees on screen are designed to illicit reactions from the same Joe Public. A “Face” (a good guy) is meant to be popular and loved. A “Heel” (bad guy) is designed to be hated. Sometimes… they create a “Heel” character who reflects larger social and political issues and we get to see Joe Public’s unrestrained, unabashed, visceral (and often ignorant and, yes, “retarded”) reactions. Type “Muhammad Hassan” into Youtube and see how the crowd responds to his character: an American Muslim in the wake of 9/11 (this was back in 2002) who was speaking out against the United States’ post-9/11 discrimination against Arab-Americans. He speaks only truths and the “good guy” reactions to him are nothing but ignorant jingoism… and he gets some of the most visceral “heat” (crowd reaction) of the past decade! This certainly will only reinforce your “Americans are retarded” position…. but that is part of what fascinates me about pro-wrestling, especially when it does use social and political issues in its gimmicks!

  3. it’s theater, man. ok, maybe not theatre…but theater. i used to watch it too, like juliecakes, during the hulk hogan era. for amusement. i see how that could easily be your initial reaction…but don’t completely knock it. 

  4. Please consider rethinking the use of the r-word in a pejorative manner.  It is a diagnosis, not an insult.  To use someone’s diagnosis as a slur is to suggest anyone with that diagnosis deserves ridicule or that any likeness to such a person is negative.  That is patently unfair and unkind.  Thanks

  5. mommachatter says:

    When I was a kid it was the Von Eric’s…didn’t like their show then, but my grandfather was the only one in the family with a TV (one of those tiny round ones) so everyone gathered at his house on Saturday night.  Not only was I forced to endure wrestling but immediately thereafter came the women’s roller derby.  Why people want to watch one woman kick, punch or elbow another woman beats the H E double L out of me…I guess it is a man thing.

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