Republicans: For Obamacare When It Was Their Idea.

Jim Demint and various other republicans (now that “obamacare” has been upheld by the supreme court) are sending letters to all 50 governors urging them to not comply with the law and refuse to set up private health insurance exchanges (one of the provisions in the bill).  This was a republican idea, just as the individual mandate was a republican idea that was thought up by a conservative think tank and legislatively supported almost exclusively by republicans until obama thought it was a good idea too – then it was vilified. 

“Obamacare” was modeled after “romneycare”, the healthcare plan Mitt Romney set up in his own state.  Demint had this to say about “obamacare”:

“I urge every governor to stop implementing the health care exchanges that would help implement the harmful effects of this misguided law. Americans have loudly rejected this federal takeover of health care, and governors should join with the people and reject its implementation.”

And of course by “americans” he means “republicans”, since belief that the bill should be repealed is held squarely down party lines with roughly as many opposing as are in favor.

Similarly when george bush was elected by one of the narrowest margins in history he declared it a “mandate” from the american people.  And sarah palin likes being back in “real america”.  Disgusting rhetoric.

But anyway, I digress…  So yeah demint thinks obamacare is evil!  That the whole nation should have a system of universal healthcare implemented by the government is despicable!

Unless it’s being implemented by a republican like mitt romney.  When asked to comment on romney’s government implemented universal healthcare system his response was glowing praise.  He even said (I shit you not) “the whole country should do what mitt romney did in massachusettes.”

If John McCain had been elected and championed the same cause republicans would be singing his praises for fixing the healthcare system in america.


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7 Responses to Republicans: For Obamacare When It Was Their Idea.

  1. moss_icon says:

    Modern Republicanism is not a cohesive political ideology; it’s merely a partisan system of reactionary, adversarial, spiteful rhetoric designed to ingratiate them to the ignorant, uneducated, unreasoning Red-State masses that they hope to rally to bring them to power. 

  2. mommachatter says:

    I don’t understand the whole thing but tell me if I am wrong.  I like my current health insurance company, no complaints what so ever.  I want to keep it but if I do I will still have to pay for Obamacare whether I use it or not.

  3. agnophilo says:

    @moss_icon – True dat.  It’s depressing how disingenuous the party platform is.@mommachatter – Nope, you only pay if you don’t have health insurance and aren’t exempt for other reasons (low income and various other exemptions).  The only reason you might have to pay for it is if your health insurance is really, really bad and isn’t considered “adequate” health insurance, but with your medical problems I can’t imagine your insurance would be one of those ridiculously bare bones plans.

  4. agnophilo says:

    @mommachatter – Oh, and your current health insurance should be better than it was – they can’t deny you treatment because of pre-existing conditions (in one case someone was denied life saving treatment because they failed to report teenage acne in their medical history, in another someone was denied treatment because they mis-spelled pneumonia in their medical history etc – they can’t do that shit anymore).  And they can’t impose annual or lifetime caps on insurance any more, so your insurance can’t run out halfway through treatment or during a chronic condition, etc.

  5. mommachatter says:

    Will I still have my choice in doctors?  I have been with my neurologist, my cardiologist, and my diagnostician through most of my illnesses.  Seven to ten years at least.

  6. mommachatter says:

    Will I still be able to use my doctors that I have had for seven to ten years. And the same hospitals that know me?  What about lab work?  I am sorry I am bothering you with so many questions but honestly I don’t know anyone that is sure of anything except they either like or don’t like it.

  7. UTRow1 says:

    @mommachatter – Yes. Just read the executive summary of the bill. It answers all your questions. Consumer choice will, theoretically, increase under this bill, not decrease. 

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