Who Is Gonna Have Your Concerns In Mind?

The guy who lived here:

Or the guy who lives here:

(and his other five mansions)

I don’t begrudge people from being successful, but what people do with their wealth does say something about their character, and what the romney’s have done is incredibly self-indulgent.  They have never to my knowledge not been mega-rich.  The only problem they can relate to is not having “enough” money.  Which at their level of income and wealth is not just a problem, it’s a psychological disorder akin to this woman still being on a diet:

I guarantee there is not one economic concern of anybody reading this blog that the romney’s have ever witnessed firsthand, let alone are likely to care about.  So why vote for someone who basically lives on another planet than the one you inhabit?

Oh yeah, I forgot – because obama is a gay muslim abortionist from kenya…

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7 Responses to Who Is Gonna Have Your Concerns In Mind?

  1. MiDarkLyfe says:

    You mean Romney nor Mrs. Romney never were up to their eyeballs in student loan debt? Never wondered how they were going to pay their bills? Never took a fast food job as a second job just to make ends meet? Romney is not concerned about releasing his tax returns because it is not something he has to worry about. He has a guy to do all that silly little paperwork for him. Out. Of. Touch.

  2. I don’t like either of them, glad I’m Canadian so I don’t have to choose.

  3. Nous_Apeiron says:

    I have no plans to vote for Romney either.  And it’s not because he’s rich, or because he shouldn’t be able to keep his money.  Granted, I’d strongly encourage him to use it more generously towards various charities, but I’m not going to try to take it away from him.And I’ve always been really amused by the suggestion by some folks that Obama is the first gay President, in much the same way that I was amused by the folks who suggested that Clinton was the first black President.  And the bit about Obama being Muslim drives me nuts.  Oh, the stupid.

  4. striemmy says:

    I don’t intend to vote for him… but what you’ve said in no way communicates to whether or not he would make a good president or make good decisions for the people. You’re judging his character and his personal feelings. How often do you think Obama subverts his personal feelings to deal in a proper way with the nation as it’s leader? And this is coming from an avid Obama fan who voted for him. 

  5. mommachatter says:

    I would thing the top one too large and the Romney home I would need to make some sort of resort.  I’m not going to run the vacuum in all that area.  I would need the help of at least 3 maids and a full time cook just to survive.  I am sure he has that many and more, a gardener, someone to clean the pool, wash the car(s), etc.  I can’t even imagine taking out the trash from each room.  But then that wasn’t your point.  Would I want a man like that for President?  I don’t know, at least we would look like some of those mid eastern countries with all their palaces (would that help foreign relations?)  Surely there is some middle ground between that country estate and my 850 sq ft cottage.  If Romney and I exchanged houses would that make him a more suitable President?

  6. zoetherat says:

    The thing i dislike about Romney is that he’ll say absolutely anything to be president, and he gets away with it. He won the Republican primary by attacking his opponents for not being conservative enough, despite the fact that he had the most liberal record of them all. All politicians act cynical to some extent, but he takes it further than most. He’s shameless. In the last presidential primary election, i didn’t vote for Obama or Hillary Clinton. I voted for John McCain. It was an anti Romney vote, and it was because of his character. 

  7. PPhilip says:

    You would think that all the alcoholic drinkers would be leery of a Mormon candidate. Then again a lot of FBI agents are mormon on the west coast.The latest salvo is that MR folks are saying that Rommey left Bain before more outsourcing occurred at Bain’s. Yet there is a Chinese company that Bain worked with to promote more outsourcing. Bain the company is not blameless for outsourcing, I wonder if they could prove that Bain worked for more insourcing?Rommey is in the interests of fossil fuels. He is going against any alternative energy sources and that is against what I believe in. Rommey has not spoken against the Republican measures to deny the vote. Massachusettes republicans nominated a Ron Paul voter and his own ex state didn’t have anyone for Rommey. If Rommey hasn’t his own state for him, why should any other state vote for him?

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