Tip For Dealing With Spammers.

Some spammers are clever, they give innocuous sounding comments like “wow, thanks for the info – reminds me of this [link]”.  To get you to click the link so they make money off of the ads on the page it goes to, or get money for directing traffic to that website.  This won’t help you to stop the spam from going to your site (obviously block the spambot and delete the comments, and enable friends lock for awhile in extreme cases) but it will help you not give them money which might have a net effect of spamming being less profitable which could cause it to decline overall.  Basically if anyone you don’t recognize posts a link in your blog, especially in a suspicious comment, right click on it and select “copy link location”.  Then paste it into google and search the link or the website the page is on and the google description will tell you what it is without you having to go there and give the spammer a reward.


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One Response to Tip For Dealing With Spammers.

  1. summereque says:

    Thanks for the tips 🙂 

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