Re: Douchebag Republican Blog.

I just replied to a blog of someone I would rather not name because I don’t want to give them attention, basically this troll insinuated that people on welfare are just lazy and selfish (and while of course some are, some rich people aren’t?).

This was my response:

I love how we live in a society where someone can have multiple mansions and a system where they just have to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide to accumulate wealth and they are praised almost to a messianic extent as “job creators”, supported and voted for – but a poor person not wanting to starve or be homeless is condemned as greedy.

Most people on welfare have jobs you asshole, and 40% of male homeless people are veterans.  Not a lot of slobs in the armed forces.

The notion that poor people are just lazy is what rich assholes tell themselves so they can sleep at night, and what they pay people to tell the middle class so they can justify policies that get them more.


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10 Responses to Re: Douchebag Republican Blog.

  1. galadrial says:

    Amen.I would add that I live in the “Sopranos” state…where a 25 year old who never worked can buy a 1.5. million dollar house…and no one will blink, nor wonder where he got that sort of cash. But they will build McMansions, block or ban working class housing, and call something a “good neighborhood”, when half the owners could be MOB.Interesting standards!

  2. How can people even think like that and live with themselves? I imagine this same person opposes UHC because it amounts to ‘socialism’. 

  3. There are abuses of welfare.  They exist and not many will deny it.  Some people focus on them because they are easy to understand.  If someone who could be employed gets a free place to live or free food to eat, people understand that inequity and shout “that’s not fair!”. However the money “stolen” by welfare abuses pales in comparison the multimillions of government money “stolen” by the rich.  But the processes the rich use to steal from the government are foreign to most people’s business lives, and therefore harder to understand.  Unfortunately, instead of learning about these much more costly and financially destructive abuses by the rich, people like to take the easy route and focus on the few thousand a poor man might steal in a year.

  4. He’s a fear-mongering, hate-peddling fuckwad, and that’s all I have to say about him.

  5. “It’s got electrolytes!”. As long as the sewers continue flowing normally there’s no need to bother yourself with what any specific turd is up to at the moment. All you really need to know is that it’s doing what all the other turds are doing, and that lifting the cover to look in on things is always going to look bad and smell worse.

  6. @ItsWhatEyeKnow – The very nature of welfare is abuse. That is because it is based on stealing: forcefully taking the wealth of those who earned it and giving to those who did not earn it.The government is 100% political and 0% altruistic.That is why after over 50 years of institutionalized stealing on the part of the federal government in the name of the poor, there are more people in poverty than ever.

  7. YouToMe says:

    Agree except for Db part. I know there are abuses but there are even military families on welfare!Report on front page of trib just came out about widespread incidents of young college grads having to move back in either with parents to make ends meet or to help parents who are struggling financially themselves. Those pat answers don’t take into account all the expense it takes to be job seeking. Its presuming people have strong network, Internet access and resume building materials or postage, reliable transport, professional clothing, daycare paid for, a home to receive mail, computer access( if access is at library – transport must be arranged), phone for making and receiving calls, funds for oft required physical exams. If someone is on welfare, will stamps or assistance be cut off as soon as first paycheck reported? Will they amd their children lose housing voucher? Will they be able to transition or just be left homeless once they lose housing and assistance? What if person disabled, blind, veteran, stroke victim, sick with cancer, dying etc. It sickens me how the very people who claim to know Christ are the ones who act nothing like Him. I suppose Jesus was collecting up the poor and admonishing them for being disabled, poor, sick, prostituting and widowed. No– He said that pure religion that is faultless is to look after the poor, widowed, orphans. He spent most of His time doing just that; He hung out with those the Pharisees looked down upon. No, it’s the so- called righteous that are really the most poor. They don’t know what is real treasure.It is people. There was once a similar blog about

  8. YouToMe says:

    Oh my, did I ramble. Like the last sentence of nothing point as well. Lol. Ps re: the blog you so craftily wrote: “I thought it was a bit of the alright”Lol

  9. YouToMe says:

    @PrisonerxOfxLove – The very nature of your comments are abuse. You are so unchristlike it’s sickening.Referring to your comments in general. But these here are also revolting bc Christ Himself concerns Himself most with the poor, weak, disadvantaged etc. The Church hasn’t done enough to help; in some instances, such as the catholic church, abusing and hindering even more.Therefore, it is ironic but a blessing for manythat the government has had more compassion.

  10. @YouToMe – My comments are based on facts and rationality.It’s strange that you think facts and rationality are hateful.But such feelings are common among atheists and liberals since rational thought is not part of your repertoire.

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