Republicans Vs. Jesus.

Just a comment of mine I thought was worth posting.  I thought since I blather so much it’d be nice to post one of the rare times I’m succinct:

The one thing every religion teaches (and most followers miss entirely) is to realize that other people matter as much as you do.  Their pain, their joy, their needs are real too and you should care about them.

The republican ideology is to promote the philosophy of “me me me”.  They worship ayn rand (who said that altruism was evil and spit on christianity) and use religion the way they use a toilet – for personal convenience.

The sad thing is most people aren’t selfish or dishonest or shitty to others.  But they can be talked into going along with almost anything.


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19 Responses to Republicans Vs. Jesus.

  1. conservatives give more to charity than liberals.perhaps conservatives just don’t believe in giving more money to the government.

  2. whyzat says:

    The scariest part is that people can get talked into going along–or get swept up in the excitement. The Germans during the Second World War is an example I like to use. You know that most of people would never have hurt anyone, but they got encouraged and caught the “fever.”The people who were sucked in by Jim Jones, too. It’s happening all over on every scale.

  3. I must be surrounded by alot of scum because most of the people I have ever known have been dishonest and some even use religion to fit their own twisted beliefs.  I guess they’re all republicans.

  4. agnophilo says:

    @tendollar4ways – The republican party is truly revolting.@TheTheologiansCafe – No, those stats are generated by pollsters asking people to guesstimate how much they give to charity, not actual financial data.  According to the study you’re referring to conservatives give on average $1,600 per household while liberals give 30% less than that.  To show you how off those statistics are the total given to charity in the US according to actual stats from the beureau of labor statistics, charities, the IRS etc is around 280 to 300 billion a year.  If everyone in the country gave the supposedly higher rate that conservatives give it would total just over 114 billion.  The statistic is off by at least like 60% when compared to actual financial records.When polled 40% of americans say they went to church last week – when you do headcounts 50% of them are lying.  I believe I’ve actually told you all of this before.  But you still repeat this tired shit anyway.@whyzat – Bear in mind a lot of people didn’t know the extent of what was going on and a lot of people were just scared and kept their noses down.  Still to blame though.

  5. agnophilo says:

    @supernaturalgreatness – You remind me of the mark twain line “Man is kind enough when he is not excited by religion.”

  6. whyzat says:

    @agnophilo – I hope I never have to decide whether to go along with what I think is evil, or resist. No I’m not refrering to our presidential race. I wish there was an “eyeroll” smiley!

  7. I have explained to @TheTheologiansCafe – in the past this arguement considers giving money to your church as charity . New wings on your church is really streching the limits of the definition of charity . dishonest if ya ask me but it is par for the course conserves lie with no remorse . they exhibit many traits of a psychopath. socialized psychopaths but psychopaths nonetheless.

  8. agnophilo says:

    @whyzat – There so needs to be an eyeroll smiley.  If you submit it to xanga ideas I’ll rec it.  Granted they don’t listen to ideas but still.@tendollar4ways – The stats I used include religious donations.  And I agree if furthering a belief system is charity then political donations are charity too.

  9. @tendollar4ways – @agnophilo – Almost every conservative I know gives 10% of their income to the church.  Lets take a person who makes $100,000 a year.  That person will give $10,000.  Over a ten year period, that is $100,000.  Over a 20 year period, that is $200,000.  I know of very few liberals that will ever touch that.  But lets take a widow on social security.  Say she is bringing in $1200.00 a month.  Now say she is giving $120.00 a month as part of her tithe.  After ten to twenty years, she is giving far more than any liberal I know.As far as stats go, many conservatives do not claim giving on their taxes because they feel it violates the command of Jesus to not mention that you have given to a cause.My church is a conservative church.  The yearly givings in our church are $5-6 million.  Someone is giving that money.  It is probably a person who tends to take the Bible literally.  . . a conservative.So conservatives obey the command of Jesus to give.  They also give to the poor and homeless.  They just don’t want to give money to a government.  I started investing in retirement in my 20s.  I will have a nice little retirement by the time I retire. A typical person with an aggressive investment strategy in their 20s will easily have millions by the time they retire.Now I started to invest in social security (by force) when I was 15.  If that money had been invested by me in a retirement account instead of Social Security, I would have over ten million at retirement.  I think I am getting $1600.00 a month instead.Where did the money go?  The government spent it somewhere else.  If a large business had done that, we would put them in jail.  But only in America do we suggest giving more money to a corrupt organization.  Perhaps conservatives believe in helping in other ways than the federal government.I always ask this question to liberals but no one ever answers.  Where did the social security money go?

  10. agnophilo says:

    @TheTheologiansCafe – The statistic I gave included religious donations which are a matter of tax record on the end of churches and religious organizations whether conservatives declare them or not (and I’d bet most do).  If conservatives on average gave 5% of their money to charity and only conservatives donated to charity, that would amount to more money than is given to every charity (including religious tithes) each year.  Again, I’m going from actual hard facts which you are disregarding in favor of prejudice, political polls and what people say they do.  Financial records or it didn’t happen.As for social security you’re simply ignorant.  The money you pay now goes to someone else’s retirement and future generations will pay for your retirement.  It also pays for disability insurance, spousal death benefits, some health benefits, and various other things.  It doesn’t go into a big savings account with your name on it which is then secretly stolen.

  11. @agnophilo – I am not ignorant of what social security does.  I am simply pointing out if Social Security was not raided, we would have all the money we need for retirement. I have had the rare opportunity to serve on the board of a church and I once saw giving records when serving on that board.  I saw what people gave.  There were no surprises.People that go to church every Sunday, go to Bible Study, go to all of the activities and serve in positions, tend to be the 10% givers.  Those who go off and on or go faithfully for a few years and are not really involved in the church and do not serve in positions, barely give anything.So going back to what I said, your typical conservative that is a true believer will out give any liberal.

  12. You ever notice how TheTheologiansCafe always thinks he knows more than everyone else?  I have a friend who argues this way with me on facebook and he sounds exactly like Dan, but while my friend is bitching about “our socialistic” ways, his daughter collects Medicaid.  It makes me wonder what they teach in certain churches.

  13. @TheTheologiansCafe – As I have said before…giving to a Church is hardly “Charity”. My Church is my Golf Men’s Club. My Social club is not tax exempt like yours and I cannot claim my dues, fees etc as a tax write off. Even if we could get away with convincing the government this is our religion (and believe me we are devout)…I couldn’t for one second see myself running around telling everyone how charitable I am because I give to my Men’s Club which mostly benefits myself and the members of my club cuz I know it really wouldn’t be charity even though the government says it is.

  14. agnophilo says:

    @TheTheologiansCafe – So conservatives give 10% to their church because only those that do count as conservatives?  Great logic.  The average religious tithe is 1.6% (source).  I’m basing my opinion on empirical fact, you are basing yours on anecdotal evidence and hasty generalization.  If every black person I personally know is lazy, does that justify the stereotype?  Does that trump actual empirical data to the contrary?

  15. agnophilo says:

    @hesacontradiction – Yeah the whole cognitive dissonance thing annoys me – “all blacks are [stereotype]… except jimmy he’s one of the good ones.”  “Gays are an abomination!  Except my gay son/daughter.”  “Conservatives are so much better than liberals!  The ones who aren’t are not “true” conservatives.”@tendollar4ways – True dat.  Some churches run soup kitchens and such but not nearly all of them.  A famous evangelist has their domed cathedral near where I live and it has an adjoining buffet.  Unless they only serve homeless people or something that’s just a tax free business.

  16. YouToMe says:

    “and use religion the way they use a toilet – for personal convenience.”Great quote!I don’t think all conserves are obviously. But yeah I hear ya

  17. It’s true though. People do get upset and bent all out of proportion over religion. Thanks for your quote by Mark Twain. I have never heard that quote before, but I like it.

  18. Social Security provide benefits for those unable to work because of their medical conditions.Illinois social security disability

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