The Republican Approach To Healthcare.

We must repeal obamacare, that communist attempt to get everyone access to medical care!  And replace it with what?  The republican plan we had before – less medical care, more profits.

I’ll let nixon explain:


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6 Responses to The Republican Approach To Healthcare.

  1. Michael Moore’s last hurrah there.

  2. Repub healthcare plan “Don’t get sick. If you get sick, Die quickly”.

  3. The Republican plan is to let everyone take care of their own insurance.  Why does government have to solve all of life’s problems?

  4. Going back to the 70s to explain the GOP view of health care is like going back 800 years to the Crusades to complain about Christianity.It’s inane.The GOP have an excellent alternative to ObamaCare.  Go HERE if you’re actually interested in learning something true.Why do liberals have to lie all the time? You’d think if they actually believed in something worthwhile they wouldn’t mind telling the truth for a change.

  5. cmdr_keen says:

    @TheTheologiansCafe – That’s all fine and dandy, but with insurance premiums skyrocketing – even before the ACA – it’s just not a feasible plan.Here’s a novel idea: why not tackle why healthcare costs are so high to begin with that we even need insurance in the first place? If everybody had equal access to healthcare, costs would come down as the money would be split across more people, the central argument to the “individual mandate”.For too long Big Pharmaceutical companies, especially in the US, along with medical equipment manufacturers seem to run the insurance companies so that medical providers have to pay for expensive equipment with the costs passed on to those who “need” those services.Then on top of all that, you have the never-ending stream of medical malpractice suits – many of them frivolous – that further boosts the cost of insurance/healthcare.Until all those issues are sorted out, people are going to struggle to stay healthy as they won’t be able to afford the services they need.Government does have a roll in healthcare – just like it has a roll in infrastructure, defense, and national security.

  6. angys_coco says:

    As a Canadian it is shocking to see this. 

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