Newest Romney Lie And My Call To An Anti-Atheist Show.

The republicans in ohio have been trying to limit early voting for years because people who vote early tend to vote for democratic candidates and this year they did away with an early voting extension for all but deployed soldiers (who tend to vote republican coincidentally).  The justice department challenged the law saying it was unconstitutional and asked for early voting rights to be preserved for everyone.  The romney campaign as usual simply lied about it and claimed that obama was trying to take away the early voting rights of veterans (which aside from being untrue is just ridiculous).  Anyway, I found out about this while waiting to call into a program on blogtalkradio called “the atheist antidote”, the host of which (Brock Lawley) was expressing his outrage at this terrible attack on veterans and yada yada. 

I called in and explained what had actually happened and that republicans were the only ones taking away anybody’s voting rights and he responded by acting like I was saying veterans don’t deserve an early voting extension and playing up how important our troops are and how hard their lives are, all of which I fully agreed with and said that everyone should have the same voting rights.  He characterized non-veterans who vote early as doing it so they can play video games and I said “or maybe they have to attend a funeral out of state on election day or be away on business”.  He just kept repeating himself.  The whole conversation was as though I wasn’t even there and it ended with him muting me, acting like I was still on the line and talking for about a minute solid as though I were still there without even letting me know I was off the air, a tactic I’ve seen before – drop the call and pretend like you’re winning the argument.

The guy is a huge pseudo-intellectual and there are videos on youtube about him allegedly plagiarizing famous evangelists and christian authors in his youtube videos, and the videos of his linked to for proof all say “removed by user” which screams “the allegation is true” to me.  He’s got nothing to say so he just mindlessly repeats conservative talking points.  He strikes me as someone who watched glenn beck get rich and thought “hey, I can do that!”

From the show description:

“The Atheist Antidote offers a brazen counter perspective to the Secular Extremism running uninhabited across the American culture like wild horses.”

I don’t think I need to comment on it.

A quote from the show:

“You have comments like ‘republicans wanna kill people and poison all the water’ and I’m thinking ‘this stuff is so dramatic, it’s so orwellian’…”

His show is called “the atheist antidote” (equating atheism with poison).  In the few youtube videos of his I watched before calling in I noticed he commonly vilifies the people he disagrees with while citing the same tendency in everyone else as a sign of how immoral or evil they are.  This guy’s nutty.

Anyway, that’s my afternoon, how are you all doing?

Oh yeah, link to the show (not really worth listening to, but never let it be said I mis-characterized someone’s comments).  And link to the video on plagiarism.  Apparently the guy’s brother John Lawley (aka MTCStrength33) does the same thing.  Pathetic.

I can only explain this behavior by a combination of total worthlessness and stupidity coupled with a pathological need for praise and attention.


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11 Responses to Newest Romney Lie And My Call To An Anti-Atheist Show.

  1. I thought I saw a poll that said military people supported Obama.

  2. TheSutraDude says:

    the FOX News crowd has been spouting the same lie (surprise surprise) that Obama is trying to take away the voting rights of those in the military. you explained the real story clearly. i will have to look for clarification but i heard a spokesman for a veterans group say the Ohio voter restriction law would not apply to those active in the military it will, if not overturned, apply to veterans. that would mean veterans would no longer to be able to vote early. the spokesperson pointed out the republican voter restriction laws in Ohio and elsewhere will make it more difficult for elderly veterans and veterans with injuries sustained during their service to vote. it is despicable that Romney is lying to those active in the military and to veterans in an attempt to further his election chances. the same goes for FOX News. on a related note after refusing to release his tax returns when he ran against Ted Kennedy for the Senate in 2002 Romney told the people of Massachusetts he had nothing to hide, was being totally truthful about his tax returns and they should take his word for it. it turned out he was lying about his taxes in regards to his place of residency. he filed as a resident of Utah, not Massachusetts and only later changed them retroactively. when that bit of news was uncovered his campaign was forced to admit he had lied. now he’s telling people across the U.S. to trust him on his taxes again. i can’t address the talk show guy other than to say he sounds either stupid or like a liar. there seems to be a pathology in the hatred of people like these that enables lying and ignoring facts and reason. 

  3. I have seen a few friends i know comment about this topic, most took it at the word of the GOP candidate.  I did my research, and updated them with Snopes.  I really hate campaign attack ads.

  4. Yeah the atheist antidote is a tool. I watched during the controversy with the plagiarism allegations, they’re probably true.

  5. Voter fraud is a Democrat Party specialty.  The Obama administration is suing Florida and other states because they want to clear all the dead Democrat voters from the rolls.And remember all those dead Chicagoans who voted back in 1960 stealing the election from Richard Nixon and giving it to JFK.Why are all liberal icons degenerate cheats?

  6. I can relate to this guy.  I am running uninhabited across the American culture like wild horses myself.

  7. YouToMe says:

    Hahaha ” uninhabited”@we_deny_everything – 

  8. YouToMe says:

    Heard yesterday obviously.The guy wasn’t listening but glad you were able to speak a few words. Well done

  9. Just out of curiosity, what do you think about atheist shows which focus primarily on mocking Christianity?  Because I have seen on on youtube.Anyways, I sent you a note where I attempted to answer your question.  Let me know if you didn’t get it.

  10. agnophilo says:

    @Ambrosius_Augustus_Rex – Will respond to the email later, but what shows are you referring to?

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