People On Welfare Is A Symptom, Not The Disease.

On the political right there’s a lot of scapegoating.  The moral decay in society is all because of gays and secularists and commies and welfare “queens” (what a nauseating term) and illegal immigrants.  But please stop and think about it – none of these people have any real direct influence in society.  There is no mad rush toward marxism (by which I mean actual marxism, as in abolishing the right to own private property, not the post office raising the cost of stamps a few pennies and conservative nut jobs screaming that we live in the soviet union).  There’s no gay mafia controlling congress or pushing churches around and telling them what they can and can’t do.  And the only time a majority of people in the US weren’t christian was around the time the fucking mayflower landed.  The fact is all the actual power that any of the groups conservatives tend to blame society’s ills on have is just the power to make a persuasive argument and occasionally convince most other people they’re right – and that’s not actual power it’s just the capacity to have a good idea that makes sense to people. 

Illegal immigrants are destroying our economy?  That’s like a fortune 500 company going under and everyone blaming the janitor that doesn’t speak english, it’s completely insane.  Now we’re told that it’s people who don’t have two nickels to rub together, they’re the real culprits.  It’s these people scamming you by being hip-deep in poverty living the good life on their food stamps and their not being able to buy things.  They’re obviously to blame.

Not congress for deregulating the banks and failing to create regulations prohibiting new harmful economic practices.  Or ignoring the rising cost of healthcare (medical bills are overwhelmingly the most common cause of homelessness) to the point where we were paying double what every other country was per capita (with tens of millions fewer having access to it).  Or lobbyists or the investment bankers that hire them because being able to lend out 10 times the money they actually have in their coffers and collect interest on it and sell the US government the right to print it’s own currency at a steep profit (both of which banks legally do every day) just isn’t a sweet enough deal.  Literally a license to print money isn’t easy enough, they need the right to bundle bad loans, lie about their worth and sell it as a commodity too.  And corporations need the right to gamble with your pension money where they get all the rewards and zero liability for your lost decades of earnings, and take out life insurance policies against you without your consent or knowledge.  And CEOs need to dissolve unions and keep wages down through inflation and hire “efficiency” experts to “cut the fat” from your table and put it on theirs.  And change the law so they can fire you without even giving an excuse, because apparently “letting someone go” a week before retirement for some lame, bullshit reason was just too hard.  Hell they don’t even have to hire you full time and give you benefits, just make everyone work two part time jobs instead, it’s more “efficient”, right? 

But yeah as I was saying, this rampant poverty is clearly poor peoples’ fault.  There’s nooooo other explanation for how more people each generation are poor.  Interest rates on savings accounts going from 8-10% to 1% – there’s no way that could possibly be a factor.  The minimum wage going down because it’s never adjusted for inflation unless the democrats control the white house and both houses of congress simultaneously – what could that have to do with it? 

No, clearly poor people just aren’t working hard enough.  They’ve gotten too soft.  I even heard the other day on fox news that most so-called “poor” people have a refrigerator. 

Now granted few “poor” people actually “own” a refrigerator, they actually have “access” to one because most poor people spend most of their money on “rent” because they can’t “afford” to own a home – but that’s the same thing, right?

It’s a matter of laziness.  I mean look at the unemployment rate, it more than doubled in one year.  Clearly poor people just became really, really lazy that year.  Nothing else could’ve happened to explain it.


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21 Responses to People On Welfare Is A Symptom, Not The Disease.

  1. yeah, they try that crap.  They always find some person poorer and use them to bash us to stupid ends.  It’s a tactic that I hate.  I end up getting hit up a lot more than other people because of my dad.  So?  My dad doesn’t care about me and has never helped me in any way that matters.I got a lobotomy because of him, because I must be a spoiled Middle Class kid. Yeah, I lived with mom.  Maybe if they would have stopped stalking and raping me with rays, I would have been sane.”What about the starving kids in Africa?” They’ll say to the ghetto kids.  What nerve they have.  What about the people in America instead?  Charity starts at home.At any given time, I feed at least 20 people.  Ten of them work with me directly or indirectly and the other ten spy on me to try to take my disability.  One guy even had the nerve to tell me that he was following me.  Like I care.  I’d love to have my case heard before a judge.  I’d be a multimillionaire pretty fast, not that that’s my goal.  I just want my brain fixed.  It’ll fail anyway because they’ve made me disabled with their illegal lobotomy.  Even before that, I was disabled.  I just had hope then.Oh yes, it’s all my fault because I’m disabled. 

  2. you’re on the edge of some brilliant johnathan swift style satire here, mark. my modest proposal? keep pushing it.

  3. But all and all, yes, it’s easier to be poor in America than it is to be the Middle Class.  I would still give the Middle Class privilege over poor people, even though I don’t like the Middle Class.If you go to the right places, you won’t starve while you’re poor, and you don’t have to work where you don’t want to.”They,” the poor people, really screwed me over, or the system did because they rise up faster than we do if they want to.   I just find it strange that they’re good if they’re poor and I’m bad.

  4. HUMOR_ME_NOW says:

    I think deregulation was a huge mistake and we need more–not less.I think ‘free-trade’ is a mistake.I think term limits are a mistake. People should be able to vote in who they want as many times as they want.I think all citizens from the poorest to the richest should pay a flat tax. All organizations would pay tax–no exceptions from the Red Cross to the Catholic church.I agree that our poor are primarily a symptom. However, even Jesus said we would always have the poor with us and we could help them anytime we wanted.Presidents should not be able to start any kind of war without approval of Congress.

  5. TheSutraDude says:

    i’ll have to come back to comment but great post. 

  6. There are plenty of jobs available for people willing to work. We are currently hiring at my work and they are at my wife’s work too. Some of those jobs are not awesome pay but at my work if you work hard you can make your way up and make a lot of money. I am concerned that too many in our country just want it all handed to them in life. I see this attitude on xanga all the time. They feel that they deserve more money. Work hard and smart and you will make more money.

  7. @TheTheologiansCafe – Right.  We’ll just send ALL the jobless people in America to your and your wife’s companies.  That’ll fix everything.  Out of curiosity, have you ever even been to a family services office?  The majority of the poor don’t want to be supported by anyone, we just want a job that can sustain us and our families.  I’ve worked hard my entire life and you know what it got me?  Absolutely nothing.  So now I’m working two part time jobs trying to make ends meet, and I’m about to take on a third, all the while having to take care of my son and my sick grandmother.  Tell me again how poor people are lazy, you ignorant piece of shit.

  8. agnophilo says:

    @Colorsofthenight – I didn’t follow all of that exactly.@complicatedlight – To be fair I am a bit repetitive, but thanks.@ANVRSADDAY – I agree with most of that, but not a flat tax or term limits.  A flat tax would either have to be so low as to collapse the government or too high as to wipe out the poor.  Even people proposing a “flat tax” propose we give tax credits to the poor which is just a backdoor graduated tax.  I think it’s just an excuse to radically overhaul the tax system to benefit the people doing the overhauling.  And as for term limits, I agree with the statement “politicians are like diapers, they should be changed often and for the same reason”.@TheSutraDude – Thanks : )@TheTheologiansCafe – This is the same ludicrous nonsense as reagan holding up the want ads in the NY times and saying there’s a job for anyone who wants one.  People are always hiring and people are always firing, what made unemployment rise was people firing hundreds of thousands more people than they were hiring month after month.  Do you honestly think there are jobs for everyone right now and poor people are just being lazy?  Seriously?

  9. agnophilo says:

    @chronic_masticator – Amen.  I would rec this comment but a) it would be self serving as it’s on my blog and b) theodan is an attention whore that gets off on even negative attention.

  10. @chronic_masticator – No.  I have never been to a family service office.  It is not enough to work hard.  You have to work smart.  Ask yourself an important question.  What makes my boss more money?  Answer that question and do it.  Rich people want more money.  Help them make more money and they will help you make more money.

  11. @agnophilo – I think there are jobs for everyone that wants one in the U.S.  They may not make much money at the start, but they can increase as you work hard and go to school.  I think for 95% of the unemployed, this is the answer.

  12. agnophilo says:

    @TheTheologiansCafe – So you think when the stock market crashed people just spontaneously became lazy and quit their jobs by the millions?

  13. TheSutraDude says:

    you’re welcome. i’ll offer a personal example, one of millions no doubt. i worked at Lehman Brothers, the company that racked up the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history and was central to the 2008 U.S. economic collapse although not the only corporation implicit. i worked my ass off at my job there. i mastered graphics programs on my own at home in my spare time without compensation to the point i became called upon time and time again to do work others in my department were incapable of doing. these were programs i wasn’t required to learn under my job description. i was called upon to be the dedicated graphics person on projects for top execs and the CEO himself due to my efforts. “Give it to M. He knows how to do it” were words i heard time and time again though i worked there for less than 8 years. during those years i witnessed wave upon wave of layoffs in my department and other departments for the sake of outsourcing. many of those laid off were people with the most seniority, 20+ years with the company because they were making the most money in the departments. outsourcing turned into a money losing debacle but managers were ordered to scrub the books to make it look to shareholders as if outsourcing was not bleeding money and top execs saw huge bonus increases for the lie of “saving the company money by outsourcing.” after working for 2 years on a project that was overseen by the CEO himself that made it look like the company was doing better than its competitors in the industry, working sometimes in secret, sometimes postponing vacations i had planned due to the importance of the project, i was told the company was in dire straights and i was laid off. during the time i worked on that project senior vice presidents sat with me at my desk to give me information that went into the graphics. that was the importance the project was given. as i later learned, all that time Lehman execs were knowingly defrauding shareholders and employees alike. when the company finally went under the execs got away Scott-free with all of their money while i and thousands of hard working people like me paid the price, not to mention shareholders. systemically, there has been an ongoing investigation (60 Minutes has done two segments on the Lehman fraud) but there’s been no charges brought as of yet and it’s doubtful there will be. to call hard working employees “lazy” and blame them for being out of work is ludicrous. i’m doing okay because i worked all my life and was nearing retirement when this all came down but many were younger and counting on their hard work paying off toward their future. i love people who blame President Obama for the unemployment rate remaining above 8% when it’s convenient but then turn around and say there are plenty of jobs available but people are lazy when that’s convenient. that unemployment has not dipped below 8% is in fact the fault of the republican “party of no” Congress who in 2009 made the decision to keep the economy from recovering in order to make Obama look bad and so they would have a shot at taking back the White House. Mitch McConnell stated it in 2009 and the Congressional approval rating hit an all-time low over a year ago where it has remained since…10%. yet republicans in Congress and anyone gullible enough to swallow their lies continually blame “lazy Americans.” 

  14. TheSutraDude says:

    btw, Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld sold his sprawling Florida estate to his wife for $100 so U.S. bankruptcy court couldn’t confiscate it and put the assets toward paying back employees and investors. only in America and other banana republics. 

  15. About poor people having refrigerators: as Jon Stewart said, “Those food-chilling motherfuckers!”

  16. Saridactyl says:

    @TheTheologiansCafe – I don’t see how there are enough jobs for everyone when people are constantly getting laid off because their employers cannot afford to pay everyone on their payroll.

  17. PPhilip says:

    Oh there is people on food stamps that abuse their privilege. I know that at a super market that people who I helped offered to give me food stamps for the help I gave them.The girl that I was with also abused her food stamps to buy alcohol for her usage and once we went to the movies to see the “Titanic.”Still don’t think that abusers of food stamps get completely scott free. The girl who used food stamps to get alcohol eventually died from cirosis of the liver.——————————————————————The illegal aliens do not have it easy. They can’t even put property in their name and often times they trust unscrupulous folks who will steal their property.Who is the closest I ever heard of a welfare queen? Well one lady rented her property to bachelor men. She poisoned them and kept receiving their benefits long after they died. Eventually they found the bodies and she had to run.. to Los Angeles where she got caught. Evil folks get what they deserve.Los Angeles is doing good work. They figure it is cheaper to house the homeless instead of letting them get hurt on the street. A veteran who used to live in a van is now living in a home. To use people for soldiering and then abandon them is shameful. Obama has had a good record, a better record than Bush for treating the veterans.

  18. @TheTheologiansCafe – What a load of bullshit. Have fun in Republican fantasy land.

  19. @TheTheologiansCafe – Not every job is about making your boss money. The stockers in your favorite retail store? No money. The prep cooks at your favorite restaurant? No money. School employees, librarians, daycare workers? Definitely no money there. Most jobs are of the sort that turn the gears so that everything else runs smoothly. So your decidedly vague and unhelpful advice is of absolutely no use here.And maybe you should visit an office. With a firsthand look at what the poor do to survive, maybe you’ll be less of a cold-hearted prick.

  20. @ANVRSADDAY – I agree. Especially about the even tax rate because I genuinely don’t understand why the people making the most money should be entitled to pay the smallest tax percentages. That makes 0 sense to me.

  21. Also, I really don’t understand why we have to blame the poor for everything. I grew up in an abusive and poverty stricken home. For a while in my late teens, I was homeless.  I did nothing to cause my own homelessness. I couldn’t apply for any type of aid because I was under 18. I couldn’t apply for student loans or grants even after I turned 18 because I wasn’t in contact with my parents and the state wouldn’t declare me independent.Not every poor person is simply a lazy asshole who doesn’t work. People fall on hard times through little or no fault of their own.  And, yes, there are certainly people out there who abuse the system but for many the system is a life saver. Let’s give the “poor people are so lazy” crap a rest.

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