Re: Anti-Tax Comment.

This is a part of an in-line response from my last blog I thought worth sharing:

“How do you have the right to tax me or put me in jail if I refuse to pay taxes?”

Do you like having potable water pumped right into your house?  Arsenic, mercury and disease-free?  Not having to walk to the nearest river or lake to bathe or get a drink?  Having your garbage taken away to a landfill so you don’t live in a garbage can full of plague-infested rats?  Having roads to drive on so the suspension doesn’t fall out of your car every 6 weeks?  Having cheap public transportation and cheap utilities?  Libraries and parks and schools and all of the wonders that come with the average man being able to read and do math as a consequence of those schools?

I do too.  And if you skip out on the check when it comes time to pony up the dough for the fucking miracle we call modern civilization, I have zero problem sending you to jail.


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9 Responses to Re: Anti-Tax Comment.

  1. maybe not prison.  but i’d be okay with them being ostracized from civilization.  

  2. So we cannot get out of all taxes if we drive. But what if I put up a windmill or solar that can provide me heat and supply the power that pumps water from my well into my house we should be able to get out of that if we have capital to invest in that. And if I am not a breeder should I be forced to pay for someone else s breeding activities (school tax)??? Obviously I don’t want the krips and bloods to rape or murder me or my neighbors so we have to pay for the police. So can there be a compromise here??? Should I be forced to be moral if I wanted to be neutral and self sufficient??? Of course if we had an efficient non-corrupt government I doubt being taxed for a common good (morality) would cost very much at all IF it was ran efficiently. So maybe the goal would be to educate the populous (very pessimistic about that) to fight corruption which would make big brother efficient. Interesting and very important topic….To be honest with you my biggest gripe is land taxes. I have no problem with having to pay legitimate taxes but I have always had a huge problem with land taxes. If I ran into bad economic luck, I don’t think my house should be stolen from me if my bad financial luck kept me from paying some of these huge land tax bills. My parents sold there very very expensive house and moved into a tiny trailer by a pond. They told the town the reason they did that was “principal”. The fool business owner who bought there house is kicking himself in the ass now 🙂

  3. UTRow1 says:

    What a retarded comment. First, “you” aren’t taxing him or putting him in jail. The federal government is taxing him, and it has derived that authority from the United States Constitution. The fact he refers to “you” taxing him just reveals how emotionally invested these people are in their “us versus them” persecution complex. It’s like seeing taxation through the eyes of a five year old. Second, the people who bitch about taxes invariably benefit the most from them (in my experience). They are the ones with the more egregious entitlement issues — like the veterans at my hospital who bitch about “free riders” while the federal government subsidizes them and their spouses for the rest of their lives in exchange for less than 3 years of non-combat service. These people want the high quality of life provided by and/or supported by federal taxation, but they want to give nothing in return for them. They want interstate highways, access to federal courts, enforcement of federal laws, minimum clean air and water, enforcement of interstate contracts, anti-competitive business practices prohibited, regulation of interstate and international business transactions, maintenance of federal lands, a powerful military, access to federal hospitals, etc. Certain taxes need to be reformed and/or abolished altogether (and others should be increased), but I am sick and tired of these idiots alleging that taxation is unconstitutional theft or “forceful coercion”. That belief system is so stupid it’s almost unbearable.    

  4. @UTRow1 – like the veterans at my hospital who bitch about “free riders” while the federal government subsidizes them and their spouses for the rest of their lives in exchange for less than 3 years of non-combat service.Great point. God I have seen this crap happen way too much.They have all day with pay to bitch.

  5. mommachatter says:

    There is so much information and misinformation that often it is difficult to separate the two.It is said the Federal Government is paying for all the Social Security dependents, me included.  But Social Security was supposed to be self sustaining.  We put our money in, the Government invests it, the interest earned is what we were to be paid.It is said that our income tax as it is collected today is NOT what was meant by the Constitution.  Corporate gains could be taxed.  You go to work for someone, the money you make is not corporate gains, it is an even exchange for services rendered for an agreed wage.  wages are not corporate gains.Infastructure is not paid by income tax but instead our roads and bridges, and such are covered by property tax.  The income tax is going to pay for the interest on the national debt, period.Do I pay income tax…sure.  Why do I do so if I think it is not a law?  because the Internal Revenue Service and the United States government has staffs of attorneys and they could keep me in court and my assets frozen until I starved to death.AI do apologize, I do not know which fund pays senators and congressmen their full salaries for life after they have served their terms.Lastly, I do not think the creators of the constitution  ever thought about a country as great as they were building would ever be so foolish that would allow a felon, while in prison, run for the highest office of the land.  You won’t find that in there.@agnophilo please forgive me for getting on a soapbox on your site. Know that I agree with you that many or most of the things you mentioned should be supported by the people, but what about all the extras. If they decide to repaint the Whitehouse I will be more than glad to give a gallon or two, but please let me give it; don’t wrest it from my hands with some made up tax misapplied.

  6. cmdr_keen says:

    RE those who don’t want to pay school taxes because they don’t have kids/won’t have kids/kids have graduated: you still rely on the products of the education system to provide you with services down the road – doctors, nurses, lawyers, electricians, plumbers, government officials, carpenters, bricklayers, teachers, engineers (just off the top of my head) are all groups that “you” would deal with at some point or another in your life. They needed to be educated – so unless you’re a multiskilled, multitalented person who can do all of those professions yourself, society has an investment in educating the next generation, whether or not you have a direct link with your own children or not. It’s selfish thinking to say that since you’re not deriving any direct benefit that you shouldn’t have to pay.I say this as a new homeowner without any kids, and sure, I’d prefer not to pay the school taxes, but I won’t complain about it as the benefit far outweighs any personal opinions I may have on the issue – not to mention that I chose to buy a home and therefore chose to take on all the rights and responsibilities (including taxes) that comes with it.Those who don’t want to pay taxes also have a choice – to rent. Which, in my opinion is counter-productive.Also – to the OP – you could include the police, fire brigade and other emergency response services that are paid for through local taxes. If those who didn’t pay, didn’t, then they don’t (or shouldn’t) be able to use those services where need be. I recall a situation a few months/years ago in Florida where a local community/person didn’t pay his taxes so while his house burned down the fire brigade were helpless to assist as the homeowner hadn’t given his contribution. Harsh, but fair, I think – especially if no lives were at risk.

  7. Vortex1 says:

    @agnophilo ; you really are a brainless  f- wad   no I’m not a troll, I’m just smarter than you, and my site has been here LONGER than yoursHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAgo ahead and block me, I’ll be back with a fake site, convinceyou that you love me, and then DUMP in your lap mr. second grade drop out.

  8. Vortex1 says:

    @LadyboyRevolution – it is time to go to MANDATORY military service, put a gun in your wimpy hands and watch you get your legs blown off, and listen to you cry. ALL of you wimps talk big here at home. Where you are safe on someone elses LIFE and BLOOD. shut the fuck up unless you’ve been there, and if not then go to your local veterans hospital, and shoot your mouth off, close enough for them to get their hands on you and explain it to you in a way you’ll no doubt understand.but you don’t have the balls to do that do you?….. still gotta be protected….. maybe we should start shipping people like you all over to iran, and iraq and leave you there, we’d not have you as a burden, and you’d surely be happy living among people who think like you do.

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