Racist Anti-Obama Xangan Of The Week.

“Obama is gifted with the ability to make the most unbelievably hypocritical statements of any politician I think I’ve ever seen. I honestly think it comes from so many years of telling gullible black voters in Illinois whatever it took to get their vote, knowing none of them were going to scrutinize anything he said.”

– jmcd7910

The blog before that one is entitled “The smartest half-black President ever!!!!”



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19 Responses to Racist Anti-Obama Xangan Of The Week.

  1. jmallory says:

    Of course President Obama makes hyporcritical statements… just like any politician, Republican or Democrat. But he’s not the worst politician we’ve ever had… And it has nothing to do with the “Black vote”.

  2. agnophilo says:

    @jmallory – Or black voters being universally stupid…  And the hypocritical comment was criticizing his opponents for having zero foreign policy experience because that was a criticism made of him when he ran.  The difference is he picked biden specifically because he had foreign policy experience.

  3. TheSutraDude says:

    faceplant. before i by accident came across Xanga i debated a lot on newsvine. there’s an option to comment on newsvine at the bottom of stories on msnbc.com and fox.com, probably other sites as well. the racism i saw coming from FOX readers during the 2008 Presidential campaign was astounding. it’s how i came to know the tea party just beginning to form included a fair share of racists inciting hatred. i remember one of the users i debated into the wee hours of the morning until he asked for a truce. i can be a pit bull. i remember him because of his username “cardcarryingkkkmember”. not all tea partiers are racist but when i hear people say race is not one of that groups’ driving forces, give me a break. 

  4. agnophilo says:

    @TheSutraDude – I knew part of it was the racist backlash by how many people truly hated him before he’d even been elected.  Though to be fair fox news was pretty much painting him as being one suicide bomber shy of a terror cell.

  5. TheSutraDude says:

    @agnophilo – as far as i’m concerned Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes should be in prison right now. it’s one thing to express an honest opinion. quite another to yell fire in a theater when you know there is no fire or to slander someone with accusations you know are lies. 

  6. I was emailing a local Catholic church wednesday for some help.  I stopped writing after checking out their site more and finding that they were teaching racism against Obama.  It was sickening what these churches (some, not all) are teaching.  It may as well be Nazis. 

  7. agnophilo says:

    @TheSutraDude – I don’t think they should be in prison (slander after all isn’t a criminal offense).  I do however think they should be sued until they’re both poor.@hesacontradiction – What were they actually saying?

  8. TheSutraDude says:

    @agnophilo – that’s true but what they have done to this country seriously borders on espionage. using one’s voice to halt a possible economic recovery. 

  9. @agnophilo – I have to go to work, but when I get home tonight, I’ll try to find the link.

  10. agnophilo says:

    @TheSutraDude – On one hand I agree with you but when we start throwing people in jail for having repulsive beliefs or harmful ideologies we’re no better than Joe McCarthy.@hesacontradiction – Alrighty.

  11. TheSutraDude says:

    @agnophilo – yes it can be a slippery slope. the difference here i would argue is McCarthy went after people for embracing an ideology most of them did not even embrace. what we are seeing today is something different. people met and made a decision to undermine the nation’s economic recovery for their own political gain and have taken action upon action toward that end, having decided ahead of time they would block even their own economic ideas from being implemented. they’ve taken further action by lying to the American people about it. as if that’s not enough enter voter suppression. this is not just a case of me calling someone a communist because their beliefs don’t jive with mine. these are real actions that have been and are being taken. the meeting of republican leaders on Obama’s inauguration night at which they decided to block every proposal put forth by the President. republican leaders either via slips of their tongues or testimony under oath admitted to changing voter registration laws to make it harderto vote for minorities and segments of likely democrat voters. these are clear and determined actions taken to undermine this democracy. 

  12. TheSutraDude says:

    i’ll add that McCarthy did take actions that indiscriminately ruined peoples’ lives but he should have been tried in a court of law for those actions too in my opinion. 

  13. @TheSutraDude – Sorry about previous comment.  it wasn’t meant for you… not that I don’t mind talking to you.  You are pretty awesome like that you know?

  14. @agnophilo – http://www.catholicnews.com/data/movies/12mv103.htm Ok, here’s the link. Now I have a left over brain injury from the car accident and may have not read this correctly, but I took offense just from reading the review and felt that they were taking cheap shots at his race. However, I didn’t read the book, so maybe they are right.

  15. TheSutraDude says:

    @hesacontradiction – no worries. i don’t see your previous not meant for me. 

  16. TheSutraDude says:

    @hesacontradiction – i haven’t read the book nor have i seen the movie but from the article you linked a couple of things spring immediately to mind. 1) Romney’s chosen running mate Paul Ryan has said time and time again the person who most influenced his life is Ayn Rand. Paul Ryan is also a self-professed Catholic. those two worlds are divided by a canyon grand and the U.S. council of Bishops have characterized the Paul Ryan budget which Mitt Romney characterized as “marvelous” or “wonderful” as lacking in morals. only a few months ago did Ryan distance himself from the philosophy Ayn Rand puts forth. my point is many of us believe in things when we are younger that we move away from later. in the case of Paul Ryan i don’t think he’s yet grown out of his Ayn Rand period. my sense is Ryan “distanced himself” from Rand only after it became politically difficult for him to stand his ground on the issue. President Obama has grown past some of the beliefs of his youth, i believe. 2) Mitt Romney is a Mormon. that’s fine by me. one’s religious beliefs should not be an issue in U.S. political elections. such is stated in the Constitution but since republicans continue to make religion an issue for decades and question Obama’s religious beliefs i’ll say this. correct me if i’m wrong but Mormons believe the messiah was or will be born in Missouri or something like that. Missouri is famous for their motto “Show me.” if i was a voter in Missouri watching the republican party as it uses religion to try and draw a wedge between voters i’d tell Romney to show me this messiah.

  17. @TheSutraDude – You know, I think there is something about Missouri there where I read in the Mormon bible.  In laws were Mormon.  When Dad died this last Jan, he looked like a white dead chinese man (over 450 lbs., skin kind of fell).  We had to go get him an orange stocking cap because it was too much white. (shrugs)

  18. Amandascowen says:

    What i find interesting is not the ‘hypocrisy’ hypocrisy is human nature, it’s not right or wrong,  but what they deemed as priority points that were hypocritical.  Say him not wanting to  delve into his IQ or where he went to school.  He didn’t ‘lie’ he just didn’t want to make it a focal point.He wanted people to know he was faulted like them a centered on himself doing pot  or experimenting with cocaine when he was young.  It a strange world where we focus on  ‘truths’ instead of  the product of them.  Even if he did lie to the  ‘blacks’ to gain votes…..who cares.  If what he  did for civil rights and their rights became a  reality,  then I lack to see what  people’s beef are.   bush Jr promised us retribution for 9/11…then we went into a recession and the war  didn’t end when he left office.It’s sort of like  them stilll focus on if he was American born or not.  He already prved he was.  And he’s already the president.  Even if he was not born here…who CARES.  it’s too late for that why are you still  harping on that?

  19. agnophilo says:

    @Amandascowen – It’s just people refusing to admit he’s the president.  He gave his birth certificate when asked to produce it when he was originally running.  But yeah, I don’t think he is particularly dishonest, beyond the tact any politician must have to get elected – he can’t be 100% candid about his views and thoughts, not just because it won’t make him as popular, but because the most powerful man in the world can’t just talk trash about people like you or I can, it would bring a shitstorm down on their head of media attention etc.

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