What Has Obama Done?

Put out the inferno that was the US economy and started to rebuild. 

Created more private sector jobs in one year than were created over the entire bush administration.

Killed this piece of shit.

Aided a revolution against this piece of shit which lead to the formation of a new democracy in a few months, at the cost of a billion dollars and zero american lives lost, vs his predecessor’s “illegal/war profiteering/10+ year/multi-trillion dollar/hundreds of thousands of civillian casualties/thousands of US soldiers dead and wounded and our reputation around the world destroyed to boot” model of spreading democracy.

Prevented the collapse of the US auto industry, saving millions of jobs. – the auto industry is around 7% of the economy (not counting the support industries, steel refineries, mining and so on), so think double the unemployment we have now if he had “let detroit go bankrupt” (to quote the title of an article written by mitt romney).

Brought military law out of the dark ages.

Made it illegal for the first time in US history to pay women less for the same work (allowing women to successfully sue in cases of pervasive wage discrimination).

Finally did something about the cost of healthcare doubling and still rapidly rising under our “perfect” free market system (which was also making the deficit burst at the seams).

And countless other things.

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53 Responses to What Has Obama Done?

  1. xXrEMmUsXx says:

    The harm comes when a corrupt politician waves a bible around and gets elected because millions of people think he’s talking to good “too”.  Or when people cite scripture to justify bigotry and oppression.  Gay people are denied over a thousand legal rights everyone else enjoys and will be probably for the rest of our lifetime at least and the only reason is the bible.  So yeah, it does harm.yes, but I am not one of them causing this harm. I have many gay christian friends and let them do their thing, I have no issues with homosexuality. Some Christians do, probably even most… I even know people that aren’t christian who are dead set against homosexuality because its against nature (I do not agree).

  2. agnophilo says:

    @xXrEMmUsXx – Yeah but you’re christian and happen to also be a nice person.  If you were a bigot you’d think god was on your side.And organized belief even does harm through nice christians because how many have the courage to stand up in their church and go against what the bible preaches?  As the expression goes, all that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.  Organized religion has been used as a means of keeping “good” christians in line too, as napoleon put it “religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet”.I’m not trying to bum you out, I just think people should be individuals and dogma, indoctrination etc (religious or secular) is harmful.

  3. xXrEMmUsXx says:

    @agnophilo – You know, for the most part, I agree with you. On most things we’ve talked about… other than the existence of God, I tend to be on your side.I think the problem is, what we are both against is organized religion… so I’m trying combat what you’ve known Christianity to be. Because its not what it was meant to be. The horrors of organized religion are mostly what you say they are. I personally hate religion, doctrine… the laws we use to draw hard lines that were never meant to be drawn in the New Covenant. I won’t have all the answers, I’m just a young woman attempting to bring revolutionary change to the church. I really want to thank you for your honesty and input, it has greatly impacted my studies this week. I’ve been quoting this “if you want to know whats wrong with the church, talk to an atheist.” I hope that the church can take back its term Christianity and truly be known for their love as the scripture tells us we would be.Also, as a christian who has often been hypocritical myself as I learn and grow and wisdom and knowledge change my faulty beliefs, I sincerely apologize for the narrow minded, misguided brothers and sisters of mind who have yet to learn to love before law.

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