Re: Xanga… Lets Just Call It “Patriotism”.

Someone posted a blog attacking the president for supposedly putting his campaign logo on an american flag on merch in his campaign store, deducing from this that he must want our children to pledge allegiance to him instead, that he must hate america and blah blah blah.

I responded:

“Actually it’s this:

and this:

both of which are art pieces (and not actual flags) designed to resemble the american flag but are not actually the flag (or don’t you know the flag has 13 stripes). And he’s the current president of the united states, give him a fucking break.  You only think associating him with the country he is currently holding the highest office of is “offensive” because you personally hate him.

“George Washington is on the one dollar bill which has our national motto on it – has he no shame! 

“What you really mean is:  “Barrack obama is in the white house, the seat of power of our nation, HOW DARE HE!”

To which someone else replied:

“Even more disrespectful then.  By replacing the field of 50 stars with his “O” logo, he implies he makes up the United States.  By only having 9 stripes, it shows he could care less about the original 13 colonies and what they did to obtain independence from Britain.  Since he’s the president, he shouldn’t be given a break, but be held to a higher standard.  Washington didn’t put himself on the dollar bill. Title 4 of the United States Code (which means it’s law) states that the flag is not to be used for advertising, must not be marked with any insignia, “

To which I replied:

“By having a grim reaper avatar you’re saying that you prefer thinking about death to life, so you must therefore be a necrophiliac. Why are you making such terrible statements? I am of course in no way reading into anything.”

To which he replied, and this was my in-line response:

“No, you’re not reading into anything at

You’re right, I’m not.  It’s campaign swag, not a manifesto.

“By no means are you making statements about someone without
knowing the full tru… oh shit.. wait, you actually DID do that.” 

What, where?

“Basically, if you can attack the OP and say they hate Obama no matter
what, then the OP can say that they feel the logos are disrepectful. 
Any further arguments from you, do nothing other than show it’s actually
YOU that (holy shit, yet again, go figure) are actually the one playing
partisan politics.”

Yes, he’s allowed to voice his opinion and I’m allowed to voice mine – what’s your point?  And how does me responding to you somehow prove I’m partisan?  Are you honestly saying the person with the screenname “obamawatch” who pretty much exclusively blogs attacking the president and liberals came to this issue without bias, and that I’m the partisan one?  Whatever dude.

“My argument stands, the OP’s argument
stands, yours holds no water, as you provided no reasoning as to why
it’s ok other than “give him a fucking break.” 

Actually he denounced the president for defacing an american flag and I pointed out that it’s not a flag, nor is it even the design of the american flag and your conclusion was that the fact that he’s not defacing a non-flag is even worse than defacing a flag because there’s some secret sinister hateful message in there that only you can decode.

And look at this – it took me about 30 seconds to find on the romney website. 

They make the R in romney/ryan look like the american flag – they must want us to pledge allegiance to romney and ryan.  And there are only three stripes, even less than the obama flag-like design.  They must hate america even more!  OMG!!!!  You have to blog about this immediately.

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8 Responses to Re: Xanga… Lets Just Call It “Patriotism”.

  1. TheSutraDude says:

    “By only having 9 stripes, it shows he could care less about the original 13 colonies and what they did to obtain independence from Britain.” but wait. the original 13 colonies didn’t do anything to obtain independence from Britain and build this nation. Mitt Romney built that. they didn’t build that. good job finding the the Romney/Ryan logo. Romney uses the flag as the first letter of his name. 

  2. GT is one seriously twisted dude. He works for the government and if I am not mistaken uses the VA hospitals……yet he rants and raves about the evils of Socialism, etc, etc..

  3. leaflesstree says:

    I’m pretty sure that almost every politician in the last 200 years has used some form of the American flag or the colors red white and blue in his/her campaign paraphernalia. Of course they’re trying to say that they’re patriotic and good for the country. No, it doesn’t mean we should worship them or they don’t care about history. Gah, people are so stupid. 😛

  4. Amandascowen says:

    I can play that game :  “Obama-nation” and “Mitt-i-gation’, perhaps Romney can use that.

  5. UTRow1 says:

    If Xanga’s outspoken conservatives cared half as much about facts and logic as they did about meaningless and subjective symbolism, we would be much better off as a community. 

  6. UTRow1 says:

    @tendollar4ways – I used to moonlight in a Texas VA as a resident, and the veterans were by far and away the most anti-government group of people I have ever met. This was unbelievably ironic because nearly all of them had lives that were completely subsidized by the federal government. They received world-class health care for free, had spouses whose lives were subsidized by the government, etc. And our hospital literally reimbursed them for their gas to get to/from the hospital. Yet, they bitched constantly about “the parasite class” of “welfare queens” stealing their taxes. It was unbelievable because many of them never even saw combat. In their minds, less than 10 years of military service entitled them to a life on easy street, paid for by the federal government. However, they were completely disdainful towards anyone else looking for financial support from the government–teachers, small business owners, community organizers, student loan recipients, federal physicians, federal researchers, people who wanted rich individuals to have the same tax rates as they, etc. They viewed all those people as worthless parasites. It was outrageous.Basically, veterans live in a “socialist” paradise (applying their incorrect definition of socialism).

  7. Randy7777 says:

    I get tired of people trying to find something wrong.  Obama’s logo has nothing wrong with it.  I wish people would stand up for truth instead of their canidate.

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