If You Vote For The Black Guy…

A little white girl gets run over by a train.

Actual anti-obama ad I got in the mail.

If you want to see the plethora of other anti-obama ads I’ve gotten (and my fact-checking of them) see this blog.


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14 Responses to If You Vote For The Black Guy…

  1. galadrial says:

    And if you vote for the rich white dude, prepare to put mom and pop on ice floes…because he doesn’t care about them either…

  2. Amandascowen says:

    Wow,  how did so many white children get on  train tracks.  I thought only blacks worked on the railway….

  3. UTRow1 says:

    All these conservatives that suddenly became deficit hawks the minute Obama assumed office are such unconscionable shills. Not a single one of them I follow on Xanga, on AM radio (e.g., Rush), or in the printed media cared one bit about Reagan and Bush II ballooning the federal deficit at historic rates. Not one of them cared one bit about the surplus Clinton created while in office. It only became a major issue for conservatives once Obama assumed office, and it became clear that his economic policies had stabilized the stock market, begun shrinking unemployment, and improved other common economic indicators. And as for the current state of our federal deficit, Bush policies are undeniably the predominant cause. Bush passed Medicare Part D, initiated the War in Iraq, and passed enormously irresponsible tax cuts. Each of these proposals, individually, contributed more to the national debt than anything Obama did. Take Bush-era tax cuts. According to a 2009 CBO report, they reduced government revenues by 2.9 trillion dollars between 2001 and 2009. For perspective, many conservatives vigorously demanded that Obamacare be repealed after a conservative analyst projected that it would increased the federal debt by 340 BILLION dollars by 2021—nearly 100 times less consequential than the impact of the Bush tax cuts alone. How can the later be too costly while the other isn’t? Similarly, the Republicans’ Medicare drug benefits and Medicare Part D bills are projected to cost nearly 2.0 TRILLION dollars over the next 10 years. Why do their constituents believe Republicans will slash/repeal Medicare when they drastically increased its scope? Because they are ignorant rubes. But, I digress. More importantly, all these enormously expensive programs were inherited by Obama. Can you honestly, for example, attribute 2009 spending to Obama (his economic policies were first implemented in 2010)? Can you honestly attribute War in Iraq and Afghanistan spending to Obama (an estimated cost of 2.4 to 3+ TRILLION by 2017)? Can you attribute the spending relating to the Bush-era programs listed above? I don’t think so, and those were, by far and away, the largest contributors to the federal deficit throughout Obama’s tenure in office. Bar none. The much maligned stimulus and Obamacare and GM bailout were small drops in the bucket compared to Bush-era programs. The bottom line is that most prominent, conservative deficit hawks (particularly on Xanga) have no sense of historical perspective and no fidelity to factual reality. Their reality isn’t dictated by fact checkers, and they refuse to take any responsibility for the horrible mess their representatives have created, and they refuse to acknowledge that their preferred policies don’t achieve their stated goals.

  4. mcbery says:

    Why are you worried about color? Please don’t shout at me. I really want to know why color has anything to do with it? A lot of African Americans are being hurt by liberal policies.

  5. agnophilo says:

    @galadrial – I think obama cares about people – romney outright stated that it’s not his job to worry about poor people.@Amandascowen – Ouch…@UTRow1 – I agree entirely.  The back side of the above ad urges you to call the white house and demand obama reduce the debt… by cutting taxes and signing the taxpayer protection pledge…

  6. agnophilo says:

    @mcbery – Well they didn’t put a little black kid in front of the train.  And what african americans are being hurt by what policies of the president?  Be specific.

  7. saturnnights says:

    @UTRow1 –  The only way to be fair about this is to say that both presidents & both parties are responsible for spending us into oblivion, although you can’t blame the puppets that are working for the fed, that keeps printing money forever. The deficit will never be paid, ever.

  8. galadrial says:

    @mcbery – And what enchanted isle do YOU hail from? Surely you are not suggesting that when their (the conservatives) say stuff like SOME people will vote for Obama no matter what…or “Civil rights is just for blacks” color is somehow NOT an issue?A small clue…a lot that Obama has done was takien from the conservative playbook—when Reagan did it, it was “genius”. When Romney did it, it was great…but now a POTUS of color is in the White House, and suddenly the same stuff is evil, bad, and the wrong thing. And you don’t think his color figures in? Please…that is moronic.

  9. @UTRow1 – good comment. actually, “it’s nearly (10) times less consequential”, not 100. note, however, that reducing the magnitude of your point by a factor of 10 still leaves it sharp and alive and well. also, don’t know if you’ve seen this one, but it made me laugh: http://weknowmemes.com/2012/02/not-sure-if-slow-internet-or-a-pixelated-image/

  10. Why do Democrat voters find the truth so scandalous?The national debt was a whopping $10 trillion when Obama took office.It’s now a civilization crushing $16 trillion.  If we don’t get rid of this guy we’re talking complete economic collapse before he gets out of office, should he win a second term.

  11. UTRow1 says:

    @saturnnights – (1) Budget surplus under Clinton (primarily the result of his budget plan) –> requiring dozens of trillions of dollars in federal spending by 2021. One party is more responsible than the other, because that’s what the facts tell us. There’s also the issue of the quality of each party’s spending. It’s a matter of personal ideology whether, for example, the War in Iraq was “money better spent” than Obamacare or the stimulus, but I think it’s pretty hard to argue that Obama’s economic policies haven’t been more effective than those passed by Republicans under Bush. But, I can tell you for a fact that the Republican legislation passed between 2000 and 2008 related to health care is some of the worst that has ever been proposed. It will cost trillions of dollars and really didn’t address any of the major problems relating to our health care.(2) There’s little evidence that the Fed “printing money” has contributed significantly to the federal deficit. No economists I read believe that has been a major contributor, and that includes the people at CATO.

  12. saturnnights says:

    @UTRow1 –  So, one party spends OUR MONEY more responsibly than another. I feel so much better. QE3, 4, 5…

  13. Excellent poster.  You must be in a swing state, because in my state we get nothing from either candidate.  

  14. agnophilo says:

    @Ambrosius_Augustus_Rex – Ohio, perhaps the most swingy state.

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