Anti-Welfare Conversation At My Local Pizza Place.

I was waiting for my pizza and struck up a conversation with another person who was waiting too, I asked if he caught the presidential debate.  He said he did but he fell asleep because they’re both lying.  I said romney was a lot more dishonest and he insisted they’re two sides of the same coin.  To which I asked him what lies obama had told – I was honestly curious and would honestly want to know if the president was being deliberately deceitful.  He had no answer and just said obama’s doing a bad job.  On a side note I asked someone on xanga accusing obama of lying during the debates what specific things he’d said that weren’t true the other day and got a similar (but more hostile) response. 

So anyway, he said obama is turning america into a welfare state.  I asked him how is obama doing that.  He said “how many people do you know who are receiving some kind of assistance?”  I said “and obama did that?”  I then said that I didn’t think welfare programs were contagious and were like the blob and were just gobbling up the country because that’s what they do – I said that those programs are based on income level and that if more people are on assistance x year than were the year before because more people are poor x year, and pointed out that poverty was on the rise before the recession due in part to things like not raising the minimum wage for a decade during the bush administration so the poorest americans’ income drops by 25% which makes more people need welfare to survive. 

His reply was “you can’t just blame bush”.  I said I wasn’t, just the general policy of tilting the table away from the poor.  I then talked about wage inequality and how the average CEO a few decades ago made 100 times what their average employee made and the bottom 50% of the country controlled 3% of the wealth, and a few decades later (a few decades of reaganomics, but I didn’t say that) it had changed to the average CEO making 300 times what their average worker made and the bottom 50% of the country controlling 1 percent of the wealth.  Then he just said “great system we have”.  I forget what was said next but I think he said something else about making us a “welfare state” (which other countries actually wear as a badge of honor because to them it means their people just have their needs met by their government) – at this point my pizza was ready so I said as I was leaving “I don’t think homelessness is caused by soup kitchens.”

I thought that was a good note to end on, so I’ll do it again here : ) 



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7 Responses to Anti-Welfare Conversation At My Local Pizza Place.

  1. FalconBridge says:

    I completely forgot that the debate was on and haven’t seen it.   Is it on line anywhere?  I don’t even know what channel aired it.

  2. agnophilo says:

    @FalconBridge – Everything is online – youtube it, should find it in 2 seconds.  People are saying romney won, but every good point he made was just him lying through his teeth – literally.

  3. cmdr_keen says:

    @FalconBridge – You can find it on YouTube. @OP: completely agree;welfare state in Europe works so most living benchmarks are higher. You can’t cut money out of the programs that help the neediest and expect the country to be successful. Heck yes we need “income redistribution”, sliding it towards those who need it most.

  4. FalconBridge says:

    Thanks.  I’ll check it out tomorrow then.

  5. UTRow1 says:

    The people who are most annoying are the “welfare state” conservatives who are obsessed with preventing “redistributions of wealth” when Republicans have been redistributing wealth from the lower and middle classes to the wealthiest citizens for decades. Like, how can a Reagan-loving conservative accuse Obama of being a socialist for suggesting we reinstate the tax rates that wealthy citizens had under Reagan (or Clinton, when the economy thrived)? Why is redistributing wealth to the ultra-wealthy for them to horde with investments better for the country than redistributing wealth to the lower and middle income Americans who need it to buy houses, pay for education, pay for health care, open small businesses, and whatnot? Cognitive dissonance abounds.

  6. YouToMe says:

    “I don’t think homelessness is caused by soup kitchens.”Awesome quote!!! Bloody brilliant. Would rec it if I couldSorry for reading ahead. I’m up on acct of landlord making racket. :/

  7. Nous_Apeiron says:

    That really was an awesome closing line.  I think many folks who, like me, are concerned about having a welfare state fail to understand all the factors which contribute to the existence of the welfare state.  Conservatives often point to the laziness of the poor or a culture of dependency as the cause of the growing unemployment numbers and welfare recipients.  And it’s certainly the case that there are poor people who are indeed not that interested in working and that there are people who are content to get by on welfare when they are quite capable of working.  It’s also certainly the case that many people have lost their jobs because executives and shareholders thought that their extreme wealth wasn’t extremely wealthy enough and profits need to increase.  It’s also certainly the case that many people don’t like working the low-wage dead-end jobs that are available because of the way the companies treat the workers and because those low part-time wages don’t cover the necessities of life, like health insurance for their children.  And even where insurance is offered through those employers, it’s often not very good coverage or prohibitively expensive for the wage earner.Perhaps at some point, more of those folks at the top of the economic food chain will understand that the best way to keep their businesses sustainable is to make sure their workers are middle-class consumers who can actually afford to buy their products without mortgaging their children’s futures.  Perhaps at some point it’ll occur to more of them that it’s better to be a symbiote than a parasite.  But I doubt it will so long as selfishness is a cultural virtue.

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