derekwilson24 = Douchebag, FYI.

The above xangan just blocked me for pointing out 5 out of 6 of his things christians should base their vote on were things jesus never once mentioned (the last was gun rights for fuck’s sake).  And when he attacked the president for not praying in public during the national day of prayer I quoted jesus forbidding public prayer. 

Quoting jesus on a blog about christianity – can’t have that.


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30 Responses to derekwilson24 = Douchebag, FYI.

  1. The_ATM says:

    I like his user name.. It should be DerekWilson_24_m_florida_123456789. You know, a little more in the identity theft mold of FirstnameLastname_age_sex_location_ssn.

  2. cmdr_keen says:

    I’m honestly not surprised. He’s a partisan hack who uses a particular (comfortable) interpretation of the Bible to support and justify his political beliefs.

  3. kaitlove__xx says:

    What was the comment you left him? I read his (ignorant) post, and I’d definitely like to see what you commented to him. =P

  4. agnophilo says:

    @The_ATM – Heh.@cmdr_keen – That’s the impression I got as well.@kaitlove__xx – He deleted my comments immediately, probably without reading them.  He also deleted my comments to other people, which is especially shitty.

  5. And this post is exactly why, you are rude and disrespectful.

  6. @agnophilo – FYI- I did read them.

  7. I also will not allow someone to berate and belittle me because they disagree with my opinion, that is rude. I also do not tolerate foul language and vile obscenities on my xangasite, so if and when you ever decide to clean up your act and be respectful I will invite you back. Have a good day.

  8. And FYI Jesus said for us to pray everyday “Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed by thy name. thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread, forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors, and for give us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, for thine is the power and the kingdom and the glory for ever amen.”

  9. I wish DerekWilson_24_m_florida would block me too.  How can I join this club?

  10. agnophilo says:

    @derekwilson24 – I was perfectly respectful, and you deleted my comments (including those to other people) and blocked me.  So screw you buddy, you have zero right to ask for respect or tolerance if you don’t show it to others at all.@derekwilson24 – What obscenity was in the comments you deleted?  That is a dishonest excuse for crummy behavior.@derekwilson24 – And he said to do it in private.@we_deny_everything – Just make sense on his blog while not agreeing with it’s premise.

  11. shadow320 says:

    Some people hate to be made to think.  They just want to swallow chuncks of other people’s thoughts without ever even thinking about them, then regurgatate them.  Why is the brain the one muscle no-one wants to exercise?????

  12. shadow320 says:

    @derekwilson24 – In my bible the Lord’s Prayer doesn’t say anything about debtors & debts.  What bible are you using?

  13. @shadow320 – Matthew 6:9-13 KJV (King James Version)

  14. UTRow1 says:

    I’m pretty sure gluttony is a sin, and if his three chins are any indication, he is a very sinful boy.Low-blow, but eh. I just got done reading a right wing blog claiming that atheism is bad because there’s some evidence that atheists are heavier than Christians, on average. Apparently it’s a favorite talking point among conservatives these days.

  15. UTRow1 says:

    I skimmed his blog and noted his #6. What’s remarkable about it is that literally no federal judge has ever applied that standard of constitutional interpretation. Even strict constructionists like Scalia and Thomas agree that you can’t apply that standard all the time because it produces undesirable results.A major theme among conservative Christians in this country is that you can reduce everything to simple, all-encompassing rules. Whether it’s “taxes are bad” or “abortions are wrong” or “the living Constitution is un-American,” they view the world in such binary, childish terms. It’s simply ignorant. The world is too complex for that kind of thinking.

  16. xXrEMmUsXx says:

    Good for you. Being a Christian, and quoting Jesus is getting me blocked too! The more I put the focus on Christ’s teachings, the more people get pissed. I don’t get it? we have it so backward!

  17. @shadow320 -You may want to refer to the Greek to consider this.In Matthew 18:24 we see the Greek word used for the man who owed 10,000 talents:ὀφειλέτης or “a debtor”see Matthew 6:12 we see:ὀφειλήματα or “debts”ὀφειλέταις or “debtors”see these are different forms of the same Greek word.  Now if you have no training in Greek you may be unsure whether this word is modified by context, etc.  But clearly sometimes it does refer to debts as the passage in 18:24 using it demonstrates.In theological terms, many make distinctions between sins of commission (the wrong things that you do) and sins of omission (the right things that you neglect to do).  Thus, this verse is likely referring to asking forgiveness for all our shortcomings: when we owe people apologies/recompense for doing something bad to them or not doing something good to them.Thus,I’m suggesting that the term “debt/debtors” is not used in the literal sense of money or material possessions, but in a metaphorical sense of spiritual obligations.  Hope this ishelpful.

  18. PPhilip says:

    Looks like the Fundies are cooking up another falsehood. Derek pushes the theory that the ring on Obama is pushing Islamic belief. Here is snopes disputing the ring theory: first we have the birthers and now we have the ringers.

  19. shadow320 says:

    I was just saying that the words debts & debtors are not in the Lord’s Prayer in my bible.  Just saying… 

  20. @shadow320 – I don’t know what kind of Bible you have but I would throw it in the trash or learn to read Greek and Hebrew. The Bible is clear that debt is sin. I have always used the King James Version, but I have heard the NASB New American Standard Bible is a more modern word for word translation.

  21. agnophilo says:

    @PPhilip – Yeah, not to mention that “allah” is just the arabic word for “god” and refers to the biblical god – even if it were true the ring would just say “there is no god but god”.  Reminds me of conservative media saying he was educated in a “madrassa” – which is just arabic for “school” and has no religious connotations.@shadow320 – In the old testament you are commanded to forgive debts people cannot pay back – not a very republican idea, so they teach “forgive us our trespasses” not “forgive our debts”.  And then of course they usually don’t even do that.@derekwilson24 – And as I said in the response you claim to have read, the white house also celebrated hannuka, so are you going to go blog about how obama is secretly jewish?  You blocked me because you don’t like people contradicting your nonsense, not because there was any “profanity” in my comments (there wasn’t).@derekwilson24 – The king james version also says god has the strength of a unicorn…

  22. shadow320 says:

    Well you know we live in a society that is much more interested in how they say something (what  kind of ‘spin’ they put on it) than they are in what they are actually saying.  I mean rather than fix a problem they will just describe it differently so it doesn’t look like a problem & maybe even manipulate the facts so the problem actually starts to look like a solution.  With enough smoke & mirrors anything can look good but it is all an illusion.  I’m sorry, but I can’t help seeing Romney as a false profit.  I don’t trust his phony smile or that look behind his eyes.  He is a greedy sob & all he cares about is his family, not yours.  The ultimate trickster.  Everyone talks about how f-ed up the economy is, the lack of jobs, money, hope.  Nobody talks about how the pharmaceutical companies are are drugging our nation starting with our children cuz, hey, if they can hook them while they’re young they’ll be customers for life!  Do you know they earn over a quarter of a trillion dollars a year on psychotropic and ADHD medications alone for kids under the are of 18.  A quarter of a trillion dollars a year.  And there’s not one piece of research that says giving children addictive drugs during childhood causes substance abuse later in life.  In fact all the literature says just the opposite.  I know.  I looked.  How can this be?   How can something so addictive to animals & humans alike not be addictive during your childhood, not be affecting you growing body?  It doesn’t make sense.  It’s not logical.  One study even recommended drugging your children as early as age 5, before they start school.  Before you even know if they are hyperactive or not.  Did you know many popular drugs for depression actually cause depression?  It’s one of their many side effects.  Then they tell you to take more…  And don’t get me started on pain meds.   I see the problems & the ruination they cause every day.  I see young people throwing their lives away while screaming for help every day.  I try everything in my power to help them climb out of this hole they are in & it’s draining.  It saps my energy & it’s so unnecessary.  And 8 out of 9 of these kids started on ADHD meds, and 2 also took psychotropic meds as well.  All of them had drug or alcohol problems before they were 23.  Our government is allowing this to happen, encouraging this to happen, we aren’t ruled by the government. We’re ruled by the drug companies cuz that’s where the really big money is, in legal, addictive, drugs.  It’s like the giant elephant in the room that no-one wants to talk about.  And I have to live with it every day.  

  23. @agnophilo – No Allah is not God, and Mohammad is not his Prophet. The Koran is not not God’s word. The Bible is. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life, and no one comes unto the Father but by him.@shadow320 – Mitt Romney is Pro Life, Pro Traditional Marriage, Pro Constitution, Pro getting out of Debt and Pro Israel.Obama is the opposite, Anti-Life, Anti-One man – One Woman Marriage, Anti – Constitution, Anti-getting out of debt, and Anti-Israel.I think it is sin for a Christian to vote for Obama. Romney is not perfect but better by a long shot.

  24. agnophilo says:

    @derekwilson24 – The word Allah means “god” and the god of the koran is the god of the bible, in exactly the sense that the god of the new testament is the god of the old testament.  And where do you get off lecturing me about your religious beliefs while blocking me for simply commenting on your blog?As for romney, I disagreed with all of that but you just deleted the comment.”I will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose, and I am devoted and dedicated to honoring my word in that regard.”- Mitt RomneyHis wife apparently also donated money to planned parenthood.And touting a mormon as pro-traditional marriage is just a riot.

  25. shadow320 says:

    Easy now, let’s not become too judgemental.  God created all of us & I’m pretty sure he had a reason for putting all of us here & making all of us different.  It’s not up to us to decide which people are better than others, it’s up to him.  We are all necessary, in the big picture.  I am surprised that you as a Christian are not more tolerant of others.

  26. agnophilo says:

    @shadow320 – I’m an atheist, and I prefer to shine a light on bad behavior.

  27. shadow320 says:

    @agnophilo – derek does leave himself wide open!

  28. agnophilo says:

    @shadow320 – That’s why he blocks people who can refute him, the alternative is to abandon his flawed ideas and he’s not willing to do that.

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