Re: Anti-Government Comment.

Gave this in-line response to someone:

“You see the same idea in people who
really, truly believe that schools, roads, water rights, security,
emergency medical services HAVE to be government run, that it is
impossible for these things to be taken care of privately.  The irony is
that, when you can compare a government-run program to a privately run
program in the same field, the private one makes more money while
offering cheaper and more efficient service.”

One, this is true in some cases but it is often misleading because it does not compare like with like.  For instance in education private schools do much better, but they do better because they are exclusive and take only the best students.  If they had to take the students from bad homes with criminal records, emotional problems, learning disabilities, poor grades etc, etc they would do more or less as well as the public schools.  And there is also the matter of access to their services – not nearly every parent could pay out of pocket for their kids to go to school, so either we let only some kids learn to read, write and do math and slide into a nation of illiteracy and permanent poverty, or we use tax dollars to (one way or the other) fund education.  Unless you know a business which has every single american as a customer.   Businesses are good at many things, but they can’t provide any service continually and universally to everyone and they can’t do things that are not profitable, like providing insurance to seniors and disabled people who have the highest medical costs.  Or delivering mail to some bum fuck town with 20 people in it where there isn’t enough business to justify a route.  Or defend a nation from an invasion, or feed the poor, or any of a thousand things.

“Even more irony, it’s
always the really important stuff that gets relegated to what everyone
knows is an inefficient and incompetent system, staffed by mostly
morons. Honestly, I don’t want the people who mess up my driver’s
license to be handling my medical records.”

Yes, there are no morons in the private sector.  You get the wrong form at the DMV just like you get the wrong order at mcdonalds.  It’s the same world with the same people, it’s not like public servants are from another planet.  And as far as efficiency, the administrative cost of the food stamp program is 3% of the budget.  Beat that in the private sector.  Show me a bank with that kind of overhead.

“My answer is pretty
obvious, so let me try arguing the opposite way…Businesses exist
because of the government… hm. Okay, I’ve got it. The businesses that
made America’s economy something awesome to behold exist because of our
government, founded on freedoms. We can see by looking at other parts of
the world that our type of government, based on rights of the
individual and limited federal power, is the form most conducive to
thriving businesses and economic growth. With a different, more
restrictive form of government, these businesses might very well not

Such as what?  Businesses without restrictions are called monopolies.  Banks without restrictions are called loan sharks. 

“That’s not what Obama was saying. But you know what? If a
businessman needed a road, he would damn well build one himself. That
has actually happened, and does happen, so I don’t really get what their
point is when they yammer on about the roads.”

Yes, a pizza place can afford to build roads to everybody’s house they deliver to.


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6 Responses to Re: Anti-Government Comment.

  1. You want to go somewhere where the free market truly reigns and there’s no government intervention between you and your envisioned utopia? Try Somalia.

  2. dw817 says:

    I think we need government. It’s worked for this many years, imagine not having it ? 

  3. @GodlessLiberal – Sorry but that isn’t true.  Please study basic economics.Capitalism is complex.  It requires very well educated people, good government and freedom.None of that exists in Somalia.  Somalia is an example of the complete absence of capitalism, in fact.As usual, you have everything exactly wrong and exactly backwards.

  4. TheSutraDude says:

    That government doesn’t do anything, that we don’t need government is an infantile notion. There is not a thriving nation in the world nor has there been that does not or did not have some form of government. Today I thought about Giants’ running back Ahmad Bradshaw. Three NFL weeks ago he ran for over 200 yards. Two weeks ago he was the first running back to gain over 100 yards against the Niners, the toughest team against the run. They haven’t allowed an opposing player to gain 100 yards on the ground in the last, I don’t know, 20 games give or take. Bradshaw also scored the first rushing touchdown against the Niners in again, I don’t know the exact number of games but it’s a lot. Sure we give Bradshaw credit but I can guarantee he would never be so oblivious of his surroundings to claim he did that on his own. He had a front line creating opportunities, a coaching staff calling in plays and a quarterback changing plays at the line of scrimmage. He played football at Marshall University, a University that receives government grants. I’d bet my bottom dollar Bradshaw would gladly say he had coaches and teachers there whose help made him a better player and student. On another note the U.S. government offers flood insurance because it’s not profitable to do so in the private sector. 

  5. galadrial says:

    Right…because we’ve always had a “free market”?Please…that myth was over decades ago.We just now feed the idea that Government exists to clean up the messes that industry doesn’t want to…and increasingly CREATED. The huge crash of Wall Street in 2008 happened because companies found it more profitable to invest in mortgage futures than to operate their own businesses…until it blew up in their faces.

  6. galadrial says:

    As to the original comment, clearly someone is a moron.Ohio sold it’s roads to private industry to balance it’s budget.Result? Ohio citizens STOPPED using the toll roads…because of the raises, and the state got STUCK with a bill anyway…because it was in the contract.Whenever something that is public goes private, there is NEVER an actual savings…because the private company is working for a profit. They are not in it for christian charity, or the public good. A friend of mine served in Iraq last year. Once, we had the Quarter Master General supplying food to our troops. Now we have six different VENDORS…each with a government contract. One for proteins, one for veggies, one for starches, one for beverages, one for sweets, and one for condiments, and I WISH I were kidding. He told me meals took an hour because each person had to wait on SIX different lines. Does ANYONE think that is saving us anything?Privatizing is just a way to funnel government money to private companies…period.

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