Another Romney Flip Flop.

“I believe Washington should raise energy research spending to $20 billion a year, from the $4 billion that is spent today. “

– Mitt Romney, in his now infamous Op Ed “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”.

Over one term that would be 80 billion.

“You put $90 billion into green jobs. And I — look, I’m all in favor of green energy. $90 billion, that would have hired 2 million teachers. $90 billion.”

– Mitt Romney, attacking the president for supposedly doing what he had proposed a few years earlier (in reality a third of the money hasn’t been spent yet and 2/3 of it was for temporary jobs weatherizing houses to lower peoples’ utility bills and keep people employed and off of welfare who were losing their jobs due to the recession, one of several mini-works programs built into the stimulus).

This is just something I noticed while reading the OP ed, it’s sad that there are so many romney reversals we probably haven’t even heard of most of them.



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One Response to Another Romney Flip Flop.

  1. cmdr_keen says:

    It’s struck me that a lot of the issues surrounding Romney now are somewhat similar to those surrounding Obama in 2008 – ie, what will we get? BIG difference, however, is there are so many conflicting platforms that Romney has supported or been associated with are diametrically opposed. Bottom line: we can’t trust Romney.

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