Tyranny: n. Not Being A Tyrant.

I’ve been listening to all the angry, doomsaying conservatives on xanga in the aftermath of the election and it’s kind of depressing.  Not that they don’t agree with me, but that they seem to reject the fundamental ideas on which our civilization is based.  Like the idea of the free expression of the will of the people and not the dictates of any one person or party or ruling class. 

Conservatives often act like they own america, like it’s their country and everyone else is just a parasite or an invader.  If they lose an election it’s because they’ve been made the victim, not because they failed to convince a majority their candidate was the better choice or because their views are less popular.  I read a blog today saying romney and mccain lost because they weren’t conservative enough.  Think about the level of denial that kind of view requires.

When bush won a second term I felt crushed.  But I didn’t go around acting like not getting my way made republicans somehow evil.  I was saddened, not filled with hatred.  I didn’t convince myself that people not voting the way I did made them tyrants.

Someone commented on my blog “Don’t think this is over.  We aren’t going to let our country be taken from us just like that.”

To which I replied:

“It’s all of our country, not ‘your’ country asshole.

He then replied calling for the south to secede from the union to which I replied:

“I love how conservatives act patriotic and talk about how evil tyranny is, then demand the nation be destroyed if any election result displeases them.  GROW THE FUCK UP.”

I squarely reject the false dichotomy of conservatives and evangelists that they either have absolute power over everyone else or they’re being persecuted.  Fiscal conservatives claim that taxes are theft and not being able to personally control how every single tax dollar is spent is tyranny.  They have a political worldview that says that unless they personally have total control over everything, they’re the victim.  So their definition of tyranny is just not themselves possessing tyrannical power.  Unless we make them the emperor of america and let them decide all policy and let only some people decide the results of every election we’re victimizing them.  And unless we legally require students to attend public school and then require teachers to evangelize to them about god in science class, christians are being oppressed. 

If you’re a conservative and you’re reading this there is a vast middle ground between these two extremes I’d like to introduce to you – it’s called democracy.  It’s a system where nobody has absolute power over anyone else and everyone gets equal voting power.  It’s a system where anybody can run for elected office and/or advocate their preferred policies and tax rates, and everybody can express their views no matter what they are, and every decision of every branch of government can be overturned.  Where you don’t get to control me and I don’t get to control you, but we both get to advocate and argue for what policies we think are best.

And that’s how the part world we are incredibly fortunate to live in works.  So either propose a better alternative to democracy or deal with it when you don’t get your way 100% of the time like the rest of us, with a little grace and dignity.


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8 Responses to Tyranny: n. Not Being A Tyrant.

  1. cmdr_keen says:

    Nicely put. My wife’s family are expressing similar sentiments, so this weekend’s visit is going to be interesting, that’s for sure.I may just print this and show it to them; I couldn’t put it better myself.

  2. I was looking forward to reading a happy post by you. Maybe one of these days

  3. agnophilo says:

    @cmdr_keen – Thank you.@nyclegodesi24 – My last post made just before this one was about how happy I was.  Funny to see someone criticize me for not being happy when they’re being a bitter, douchey sore loser.

  4. UTRow1 says:

    This rhetoric from the far-right is going to be much worse this time around than in 2008. In 2008, they convinced themselves that Obama’s polished oratory skills and style won him the election, despite most Americans identifying more with conservative principles. Furthermore, the polling data was never close according to any sources. They rallied behind McCain because they were anti-Obama, and they always knew McCain was a long shot. This time around, it’s become undeniable that their party will never win another presidential election unless they make fundamental changes to their cherished “principles.” The majority of the country undeniably favors a strong federal government with capable agencies like FEMA, a healthy middle class, and strong reproductive rights. The majority of the country does not hold their xenophobic, anti-immigration views. The majority of the country isn’t interested in unsubstantiated conspiracy theories by people who were the proponents of the economic philosophies that caused the second worst economic recession in American history. Obama obviously didn’t win this time around despite his lack of substance; he won this time around because his policies appeal to women, minorities, and the young–the majority of the country. Republican policies do not. Period. This election cycle was a powerful rejection of conservative values. Just look at the Tea Party darlings who lost or nearly lost their congressional seats in severely conservative districts, like Akin, Bachmann, Mourdock, and Allen West. You can only be consistently wrong and incompetent for so long before people begin to realize that you bring nothing to the table. And this brings me back to my my initial point: Conservatives will be particularly irrational about these election results because, unlike 2008, their media echo chamber had actually convinced them they were going to win. Conservatives were told by their ideological sources that all the polls were liberally biased and opted for incredulous polling by non-experts like George Will and Karl Rove. These sources predicted Romney would win virtually ALL of the swing states. Conservatives drank this Kool-Aid, and as a result of their generally conspiratorial mindset, they will be even less likely to accept the legitimacy of this election or recognize what it means for their belief system in American politics. It’s simply too unfathomable for them to accept that their principles have been rejected. Remember, these are the same people who regularly claim that popularity = quality. Popular referendum is how they defend Rush Limbaugh (his millions of viewers), Obamacare being bad (depending on the polling, less than half of America supports it), the War in Iraq being “good” (during Bush’s tenure), etc.  Now, to make things even worse for conservatives, let’s look to the future: On the horizon, Democrats have strong presidential candidates like the Castro brothers, Hillary Clinton, and Elizabeth Warren. They have a diverse, incredibly intelligent, articulate, and passionate pool of talent. On top of that, populations of both women and minorities, both strongly Democratic groups, are the fastest growing major demographics, outpacing the growth of all the major Republican demographics.  Who do the Republicans have? Paul Ryan? Jeb Bush? Can they possibly convince people that their policies help anyone but wealthy white individuals? Please. They are fucked. They are on the verge of complete irrelevancy in this country. And they have no one to blame but their pathetic, ignorant, impotent, selfish, shitty selves. They deserve every bit of this, and we all need to recognize that. Don’t take pity on these people. They have declared war on anyone who doesn’t share their ideological purity, regularly threatened to secede from the Union, tried to destroy the democratic process through “voter fraud” legislation, and fought to deny basic freedoms to the LGBT community (among others). Make them understand that there is no place for them in the future if they continue acting like petulant, racist morons. 

  5. @agnophilo – “bitter sore loser” – I support the Green Party. And in case my facetiousness didn’t come through in my last comment, I was just being facetious. 

  6. xXrEMmUsXx says:

    Its taking everything in me not to virtually punch people on FB this week posting tomb stones of America etc. Ridiculous. I can never be a conservative again. Not quite sure I’m a liberal either, but this election sure did bring a lot of change to my views of America… thank God too.

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