Another Racist Anti-Obama Blog (Featured On Datingish).

I’ve been blogging about racist blogs about obama in the knee-jerk crazy reaction to the election (I see them every time I log into xanga).  This time however the racist blog in question has nearly 3,000 hits (only 2 recs and 1 “like” on facebook) and is featured on datingish.  It starts out with the typical conservative bullshit about obamacare being “rammed down our throats”, obama “apologizing” for america and assorted other fictions, then it says this:

“Romney was like the nice, intelligent, clean-cut guy who gives a certain woman a lot of attention, places her on a pedestal, and makes her feel like a princess…  Obama, on the other hand, was the unstable, abusive bad boy who doesn’t give a damn about the women he dates, and even inflicts physical and verbal abuse.  Not a good person to even stand near, but most women are attracted to said guy and will even cheat on their nice boyfriends for this guy regardless of how much he has abused them.   With that said, I believe a lot of women were using the same rationale they use in relationships, and that is not only unfortunate but dangerous.”

Ironically romney was an actual bully who cut a gay student’s hair while he cried and begged for mercy while others held him down and ruined countless employees’ lives and stole their pensions, but hey.

Clearly obama is a violent, abusive womanizer.  I mean look at his wife:

Every time you see her she’s black and blue!

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19 Responses to Another Racist Anti-Obama Blog (Featured On Datingish).

  1. haha! with the occasional side of duckface. 

  2. leaflesstree says:

    How delusional is this person to think Barack Obama is a “bad boy?!” I know pasty face white nerds who are “badder” than him. O.o

  3. Clearly you are correct ! What an abusive asshole !

  4. YouToMe says:

    Crazy logic that blogger. Abusive? That’s nutsYour last line– wunderbar. Lol

  5. Obviously you don’t understand similes. 

  6. PPhilip says:

    @Chibi_Son_Gokou – Huh? Are you saying the term black and blue is similar to people beaten into a black or blue state, or one of the commenters did not notice that term reference? Short messages get misinterpreted and longer messages add to the confusion.@YouToMe – Are you being short and terse just because a longer comment would reveal too much? Oh wait you are just pushing out a quick comment?@leaflesstree – I haven’t read pasty face white nerd in quite a while. I know a black person who uses sun blessed people as a term for blacks. I am tired of the word moron and idiot.However if people challenge what I write, that gives me an opportunity to write more or try to be expansive.I am on the border on whether or not to think that short blogs are the best way to convey messages. I have written blogs on the Mormons, but basically the hardest issue to write about Romney is his desire for money. Really? is accumulating wealth to reach the category of 1% that bad? We need a national experiment to prove that raising the taxes on the rich will do what the conservatives say or not. Good luck congress in setting up that experiment. Yeah the results could prove to be either one way or another. Congress did censor a report that did say that trickle down economics is a sort of bogus claim. All of non 1% find it hard to swallow, simply because a lot of programs are being cut.Did you know that some packaged Spinach recently got recalled? The same program that determined that is being cut out budgetarily and this might be their last chance to recall spinach with salomella.

  7. Off topic, but I love her dress in the first picture! SUBMIT TO LOVELYISH.

  8. MyPublicSite says:

    I know I read this post and I just didn’t even touch it, there was so much wrong. I mean Michelle Obama is obviously not controlled. She runs her own programs and is an independent, strong woman. Obviously, not controlled. 

  9. Just hallucinate that Obama is white. That would only require 1/2 a hallucination since Obama is half white.Then your racist problem goes away.

  10. z_stands_for says:

    You’re like a favorite Cd. I love your harmony. ha

  11. wickedgood says:

    Now that was funny.  Thanks for the laugh.

  12. BlueIris83 says:

    Disagreeing with Obama doesn’t mean you are racist but these very personal attacks against him are so wrong! I don’t agree with everything Obama is doing and in this election I didn’t vote for him but my God! He is my president and I respect the man! I’m a Christian and I will be praying for him and his leadership. I will not hate him and say horrible things about him. *Sigh* People are so awful sometimes…

  13. n_e_i_l says:

    Why do you bother with these morons?

  14. Xiah says:

    This is why education is so important. Racism and lack of knowledge pretty much go hand in hand together. 

  15. FalconBridge says:

    Who ever wrote that must be old because no self respecting woman would want to be placed on a pedestal nor treated like a princess.  Equality.  It’s not that hard of a concept.

  16. I saw the Datingish blog and promptly ignored it because it seemed like a waste of time and utterly too stupid for my eyes to behold.

  17. @PrisonerxOfxLove – You are just bitter Takano (an openly gay, Asian) won in Fontucky (one of the last Red Outposts in this Blue Blue State). Love ya homey. People like you are the death of the Republican Party. I agree 100% with Limbaugh, Hannity etc’s and I hope you guys move farther right….into obscurity. Hopefully a more moderate/sane party will fill the vacuum.

  18. agnophilo says:

    @aliciabanks – Incoherent nonsense.  Once I get past the encyclopedia of copied and pasted irrelevant crap you blame obama for not singling out black people for special treatment, then accuse him of racism (ironically), and blame him for hurricane sandy, things he will supposedly do like attack iran, shit on him for playing golf etc.Whatever.I also feel no need to really pay much attention to you or address your other points since I am currently blocked by you (simply for asking you a question) and had to log out to read that garbage.

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