This Makes Me Giggle [updated].

I saw a few of this guy’s videos ages ago and thought they were funny, and now found a few I hadn’t seen (and some I had).  A few:

And finally, amandascowen@xanga, I thought you’d appreciate this one:


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7 Responses to This Makes Me Giggle [updated].

  1. Well he definetly has…talent

  2. he was sexiest in the very last vid. I’d hit it

  3. maniacsicko says:

    the funny thing is, some of his video, if a famous artist sing it, might actually be a big hit..  hehh

  4. z_stands_for says:

    I have an 11 yr old sitting beside me playing his psp so I can’t take the chance of watching these videos at the moment. 

  5. Ha, I love him.  Glad someone else shares my enthusiasm for him.  =)

  6. kusapida says:

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