Re: People Are Petty (Black Friday Violence).

Someone did a blog about how horrible society is because someone shot somebody on black friday over a parking space and some crazy lady got into a fist fight over the last who-cares-what toy etc, the usual. I replied:

When someone shoots somebody over a parking space, it’s never about the parking space. It’s about that person being out of their mind. There is nothing special about black friday, people start fights over petty, stupid shit year round. The media reports on black friday brawls more often than other acts of violence for the same reason tabloids publish pictures of overweight celebrities with cellulose – because millions of americans are insecure and find it cathartic to see or hear about people who are uglier or crazier or more petty, or more evil etc than they are. Feeling superior eases their own insecurities temporarily.

I don’t think we’re an evil people because we have insecurities.

I went shopping at Target on black friday because I needed a new pair of shoes. The parking lot was half full, the people were friendly, the line was fairly long but because there was a problem processing someone’s order, and most importantly nobody got into a fist fight or shot anybody or trampled anyone or even said an unkind word the whole time I was there.

Anecdotal evidence can be used to reach any generalization – imagine how easy it would be to find an example of a violent black man to justify a racist generalization, or a smart black man to refute it. The reality is there are all kinds of people.


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6 Responses to Re: People Are Petty (Black Friday Violence).

  1. whyzat says:

    It’s disgusting to be disgusted about someone being disgusting.

  2. They could just take away people’s guns. Seriously, I so agree. The extreme black and white views, with no gray, make me nuts. Good post.

  3. Amandascowen says:

    you should have seen DC, 4 in the morning they’re waiting outside of best buy.  Scary.  I’d rather be shot.

  4. PPhilip says:

    Individual reports does not make it a trend. The lack of journalists will probably make the situation worse. Already a whole network fox makes no bones about their biases and making lies and reporting it as a source is even more problematic. ( They cite a source and the source is a related source to their own selves)Your Target experience should have been prefaced. Early on Black Friday the parking lot could have been packed and later (when all the good deals got sold out) when you went to Target you could have noted all the disappointed shoppers who still had to wait in long lines.

  5. amateurprose says:

    There’s a reason you never hear about Gun Shops having black friday “extravganzas”

  6. YouToMe says:

    Amen. Only sad thing is you getting your friend stuff rather than shoes. You are too good. Thanks buddy

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