The_life_project = Douchebag, FYI.

@the_life_project (douchebag) wrote a blog (here) railing against non-believers for being ignorant and closed minded and dishonest, saying (in part):

“I am honestly having an issue lately with people online… “I want to talk about God” they say, “Let’s debate”… so you get a few sentences in and before you even have so much as a PAGE they’re telling you things like, “STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME BELIEVE IN YOUR GOD!”   >_>…  Erm… If you DON’T want to talk about it… then don’t TELL me that you want to talk about it. Honestly, that just makes you look crazy.”

They then gave a long list of things people take out of context in the bible.

I left a comment agreeing that most of their examples are taken out of context but said I don’t see how two of them are – the parable about jesus commanding the rich man to sell his possessions as being against excess wealth or the depiction of slavery in the bible not being merely indentured servitude.  If you don’t know, two forms of slavery are described in the bible, one for jews/israelites and another for foreigners/heathens, just as in america there was one form (indentured servitude) for whites and another (sub-human cattle with no rights) for non-white foreigners. 

@soccerdadforlife (racist douchebag who called trayvon martin a “niglet” among other things) argued with me, I argued back (politely) and then had to log out to read this from the OP:

“That wasn’t what this blog was about… so, as you can see, I deleted his messages and blocked him.  He has harassed me on other names on xanga before for a long time. I’ve found that there is no reasoning with him over these matters.  He is exactly the type of person that I was referring to in this blog. ^_^  Kudos for actually understanding.   And just so we’re clear, God actually BLESSED people with riches on many occasions, so… no, God did not believe that everyone needed to be poor. :P”


For calling for tolerance and open-mindedness and then blocking someone making a minor point to avoid losing a tiny little argument in the comment section of that very blog before even making a single response to the person, I dub you xanga douchebag of the week.


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7 Responses to The_life_project = Douchebag, FYI.

  1. i think it’s hilarious when people try to censor a blog that they have set up to be viewed by the public.  

  2. xXrEMmUsXx says:

    yeah I read that blog. I got some of what she was saying, but the overall feel of the post bothered me. i think I commented something small, but the soccerdad person responding and it didn’t make much sense. I never went back to read the responses…

  3. ctaretz says:

    People can be ridiculous when it comes to debates/discussions about religion, or even spirituality (this confuses me though, spirituality is more of an individual thing between them and their Higher Power of their understanding, or maybe not a higher power at all, perhaps a search for a greater consciousness, or something, lol). People give the green light to discuss something and then when they see that they are outclassed or less educated in something they call you a troll, or they claim YOU’RE harassing them. It’s pretty ridiculous really. People can be ridiculous in general too–the good lord knows that I can be… 

  4. There are lots of people who are blocking you Agnophilo (atheists as well as Christians), and in fact people have requested that I block you from my page as well.  In general I don’t care for blocking because it looks weak, and I like to give people a chance to express themselves even if I disagree with them because it’s good to address different viewpoints.  I prefer to use the block function sparingly, and typically I save it for people who are not sincere and for spam accounts.If you are genuinely irritated by the fact that people are blocking you, and if you genuinely do not understand why it is happening and would like it to stop then I am willing to explain to you why it is happening and what steps you can take to avert it.

  5. I think that was absolutely subdued on SDFL’s part.

  6. agnophilo says:

    @Ambrosius_Augustus_Rex – Sure, go for it.  And then you can explain how you can read the minds of people whose names you don’t even know.

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