Atheist/Skeptic Music Part 2.

See part one here.

(Lyrics correction, “*can* pray for a place…”, not can’t, which makes no sense)

So, want a part 3?


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4 Responses to Atheist/Skeptic Music Part 2.

  1. vickevlar says:

    It’s funny how a lot of songs (ie every one you’ve posted) are very much in my sphere of awareness, yet I’ve never actually sat down & listened to them before. The second video was so great.My personal gold standard for musical religious critique is Crucifixion by Phil Ochs, which is about the perverse cycle of hero-worship (alluding to the most famous example of all.) Or as he put it, “a song about the mystical process that took the lives of John and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.” He has a more pointed song in Cannons of Christianity.

  2. amygwen says:

    Yep, just like the Bible, written by man and carrying multiple meanings.

  3. maniacsicko says:

    tim minchin is great..  i watched the video above, and jumped to his other video, and his other video, and so on..   i really like his type of humor, or maybe the way he delivers his humor..

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