Is Xanga Dying?

Is it just me or does xanga seem to be dying?  Even theodan’s BS blogs barely break a thousand hits, and most of the other blogs get maybe 200 hits tops.  Top blogs are stagnant.  Is it just the winter, christmas etc?  Does this happen every year?  Or is xanga going to go belly up do you think?


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14 Responses to Is Xanga Dying?

  1. jdortiz says:

    There was a pic of a guy wearing a t-shirt with text on the front “I am a big deal on a obscure social media site” that kind of summed it up.  Xanga has never been accused of being in the forefront of intelligent discussion. But I like it here warts and all.  If it wasn’t for the occasional person like yourself, a breathe of fresh air and grown up discussion, my frequent absences would be more frequent and of longer duration.

  2. agnophilo says:

    @jdortiz – That is very nice of you to say, thank you : )

  3. Kellsbella says:

    It would be very beneficial were xanga to post answers in their FAQ’s section. I’m getting the giggles now…..

  4. There’s no denying the sophomoric content of the blogs.  But Xanga dying…I liken it to the mega-celeb who retired into quiet anonymity, like Doris Day, who didn’t self-destruct, burn out, or live like a wastrel for the entire length of the declining years.  If is it dying, I guess it’s a slow senescence.@jdortiz – Never on the forefront.  Good point.  To employ a TV channel analogy, Xanga never was either the cerebral site, like, say, the BBC, nor the trendy side, like MTV.  It was more like, in a way,  the Hallmark Channel.

  5. xXrEMmUsXx says:

    I don’t know… it was huge 9-10 years ago…. but it didn’t last long.

  6. musterion99 says:

    I did a post on this also.  Link

  7. bloodbreath says:

    I was just thinking that the other night, after noticing that some of the blogs that made it to “top blogs” only had 20 views. It used to take hundreds, or more. I think Xanga has been on a steady decline for a while now. I hope it doesn’t die. 😦

  8. I love Dan’s posts. 🙂 Yes Xanga seems to be dying. I don’t know if it’s the time of year or not. Glad you are still around. 🙂

  9. carlo says:

    No need to die,if xanga can stay small and not try to compete with thep big guys.

  10. amygwen says:

    This happens all the time. We ask this same question every year. While I will admit the quality of posts has gone down, I do not think Xanga is dying.

  11. maniacsicko says:

    i think we need more people that always stirring the pot, which tend to be the thing that keeps the footprints highnowadays those people that have special talents in doing such thing seem to be very limited in number in xanga

  12. I think it’s dying, in cyclical fashion, but slower than some think.I remember a year or two ago when theodan said he was going to quit xanga for real after a year. but a year went by and he was still up. I’m glad for that. even if he doesn’t get as many hits as he has in the past… he’s a great contributor to the community.I’ve noticed that his posts are getting longer again. could be just me, but idk.He used to be able to stir the pot with 3 words and a picture. I see more lines and sentences now. But again, it could be just me. I’m too lazy to actually go look and see if this is right. But again, even he would probably be getting tired of such short posts all the time.

  13. NeverSubmit says:

    Xanga’s been dying since myspace came out.  I ain’t worried. 

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