Happy/Merry Christmas/Xmas/Yule/Whatever Everybody.

I just left this comment on somebody’s site and thought I’d pass it on:

Christmas was originally marked as the day the sun stopped dropping in it’s location in the morning sky and the days stopped getting shorter and colder, proving that winter was half over and that the world would not end in permanent frozen hell this year, but maybe next year.  And that people only had a few more months of living without any modern convenience in shacks and huts.  If they celebrated that shit, we can celebrate not getting the wii game we wanted and whatever BS “problems” most of us have in our lives, lol.

Not meaning to dismiss your problems, just giving a little christmas perspective to maybe add to your cheer. : )  Happy holidays.


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9 Responses to Happy/Merry Christmas/Xmas/Yule/Whatever Everybody.

  1. Happy Holidays to you too. ❤

  2. apyus says:

    merry christmass

  3. PPhilip says:

    Oh I would definitely feel cold if I had to live outdoors. The rain could be terribly chilling and being soaked is not a good feeling.Seeing snow on the mountains is a wonderful sight for skiers and snow boarders and parents of those people probably say a prayer or two.Have a good year, learn even more and try to stay out of trouble.

  4. amygwen says:

    Merry, merry, merry … whatever. Moving on the the next commercial endeavor.

  5. That is definitely one way to look at it! Personally, I celebrate Yule. Nice that you lumped that in there too! 

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