Bigotry And Scapegoating Toward Atheists.

Another video I saw on youtube on the topic of religion recently was this vid of fox news addressing the rise of non-belief and being “fair and balanced” and showing “both sides” of the issue… by having a christian preacher and a jewish preacher on to bash atheists equally.


In the video the christian preacher says (at the end) that the shooting at Sandy Hook is what happens when you take religion out of society/schools, echoing what the jewish rabbi stated.  I have sadly heard this line many times since the shootings, including from various people on xanga.  Even if the shooter were an atheist (which there is no evidence of) it would no more prove that atheism was the cause of his insanity than the fact that christians have done tremendous evil proves christianity is the cause of that evil.  Timothy mcveigh was catholic, and so was the perpetrator of the worst school bombing in US history, and the deadliest school shooting was perpetrated by a guy who was raised christian and compared himself to jesus in his suicide note.  And the shooter in norway who killed 90 people, was basically norway’s only christian.  But these things are never blamed on christianity by atheists because that idea is absurd – it is not fair to blame the actions of psychopaths on the views of people who are clearly not psychotic.  When atheists pin something on religion it’s not when some serial killer reads the bible and goes on a “righteous” killing spree, there will always be some nutbag in every group and to blame the group for the actions of the individual is just mindless bigotry.  No, organized religion is blamed when millions upon millions of ordinary, non-psychotic people are accessories to the crime.  Like the crime of denying gay people equal rights.  Or the crime of slavery.  Or of oppression of women or religious antisemitism.  Or any of a hundred other things.

Both speakers in the video know their accusations are bullshit because the rabbi says in his argument of why we need religion “there’s more to life than being a good person” and the christian preacher says (a second after thoughtlessly blaming the rise of atheism for the school shooting with no logic or evidence) that the moral passion of atheists is proof of the existence of god.  He is essentially saying “without god you can’t be moral so be a christian!  Oh and also the fact that you’re moral without being christian proves our religion is right so come be christian!”

The assertion that evolution can’t account for morality is just ignorance, google “evolution morality” (without quotes) and you will find a wealth of information.

As for taking religion out of the schools being the cause – yeah if only the shooter had attended a nice christian school like Saint Rose of Lima Catholic School, this tragedy could’ve been avoided.  Oh wait, he did.  Scratch that.


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10 Responses to Bigotry And Scapegoating Toward Atheists.

  1. Hunt4Truth says:

    I’ll take your word on the video. I can well imagine that what you summarize is accurate. However, the video isn’t on your page. There is a white box–video did not load into the space.

  2. I am of neither religion but I do not bash those who do not believe the way that I do. Nor do I blame ANYONE or ANY RELIGION for the horrific events that unfold in our lives. It is absolutely absurd to even have such thoughts. Thank you for this post. It is an eye opener to those who really need to WAKE up about our society as a whole and our so called religious backgrounds/foundations! Pffft!

  3. @Hunt4Truth – I could see the video. Maybe, reload?

  4. @Hunt4Truth – It appeared as normal on my computer. I didn’t have a white box. It must be some setting on your computer or something?

  5. Hunt4Truth says:

    I downloaded the video… maybe will comment on it later.Never mind about my report that the video won’t load… when I point and right-click on the white box, the video loaded. so, since this comment was already posted, I edited it. THANKS Wynter_Snowe_Gem.@Wynter_Snowe_Gem – thank you. So, did the video did appear on your computer. It still is just a white box on my screen… actually, there is no sign that the white box would be a video. It is about the right size is all. Maybe I can look later at my own computer.

  6. Hunt4Truth says:

    @Wynter_Snowe_Gem – Thanks. I opend my comment a few times using edit… so it appears before your last comment… Edit can be opened for 15 minutes… and I am known for using it several times. Please, pardon the seemingly slight of hand of my comment post.

  7. What I find interesting is that this very thing is precisely WHY religion is losing its grip and more and more people are identifying as the “Nones”. Religion has become very political and here in the US (and elsewhere)…Foxnews, Republicans etc has made a concerted effort to equate Conservative = Christian. While this has rallied their base and helped in the past (Bush years) it had the opposite effect in the long run. While the US average is 18%, People under 30 are at 30%. They see through the bullshit and can actually think so while in the short run this was effective…in the long run it will be like Wiley Coyoyes and they are hoisting themselves by their own petard.I beleive Evangelicals speak about their  “Great Commission”. The fruits of all their labor has been the exact opposite.

  8. BlueIris83 says:

    I believe in God, but I also believe that the shooter needed help. I don’t think he was getting what he needed and I think he snapped. Definitely doesn’t excuse what he did by no means but I think this tragedy could have been prevented.

  9. Hunt4Truth says:

    Thanks for taking some valuable time of your own to post this report. I do find that the video is not actually a news report except for the opening statement and even that statement is a disguise for the exxagerations that follow. If you’d like to learn more about what I think of the sensationalistic worthless Fox News “report” you can click:

  10. Some religionists go too far, huh. Not everything that happens is based on religion or the absence thereof. Morality is not exclusive to religion. Oh and the mass shooters at schools were all on psychiatric drugs. The real issue is mental health, not religions or gun control. – I also have friends who believe that the Sandy Hook shooting was covert op to push the people to basically give up their firearms (to prevent revolution) — it is based on politics not religion. I have not done enough research on conspiracy theories to know if they’re valid. 

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