What Spirituality Really Is.

I gave this comment on somebody’s site I thought worth sharing:

Looking past your own skin and bones and appreciating or caring about something or someone, a person, a principle, art, beauty, morality etc – it’s all the same.  That’s what spirituality is.  Just connecting to something outside yourself.  Whether it’s reading a book about evolution and feeling a deep connection to nature (common ancestry) or cheering somebody up who’s sad and connecting to their feelings or “communing with god”.

Different flavors of the same feeling, connectedness.

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15 Responses to What Spirituality Really Is.

  1. theKisSilent says:

    I guess I always thought of spirituality as making a connection with a higher power, but never thought of empathy as being the same thing. Makes sense.

  2. I think you’ve summed up how I feel about the same subject perfectly!

  3. Hunt4Truth says:

    Looking into the illusion. Nice.There really is a point in it, and I believe that you shared a breakthrough moment.Sincerely,Hunt

  4. I think you nailed it.

  5. jmallory says:

    I think I agree with you. Of course, being a Christian, I believe that spirituality can be misdirected, but I also believe that the feeling of connectedness is a connection with God. 

  6. PPhilip says:

    Spirituality and materialism are sort of interconnected yet not connected. Sure you want to look out for your children which is sort of a biological instinct/custom. However sometimes you are looking out for your children’s welfare sort of beyond just material needs.We believe in a lot of ideas and some ideas are into materialism and some ideas are pretty far beyond just materialism. The concept of G-d is both abstract and based in materialism. God can be pretty spiritual because there is little material basis for some of the beliefs in a higher power.@jmallory – spiritual action inspires others to do more spiritual actions. There are different principles and concepts that inspire spirituality and there are those that quell spirituality. Basically spirituality is hard to explain with materiality. G-d I believe is both explainable with a bit of materiality and with a bit of spirituality, just that our state of belief still needs both types of concepts.

  7. Then when you realize all things are interconnected you will know what God is.

  8. For me, spirituality always had to require: (1) either a synthesis of the sense information to process/understand something in a way that one can’t by using the senses separately or perception that transcends/defies the sum of the senses; and (2) a quiet, enduring stillness, like “breath,” which bespeaks its etymological underpinning.But I guess understanding/perception and stillness is a form of connectedness? It’s a tricky concept to draw a box around.

  9. NeverSubmit says:

    I dislike being dragged into the definition of “spiritual” by virtue of having functioning human empathy. 

  10. jmallory says:

    @PPhilip – I’m with you. Gnostics believed in a separation of the spiritual and the material. The early church fought very hard to show that this is not the case- that the physical and the spiritual and interconnected. 

  11. Lovegrove says:

    sounds like empathy 

  12. I can definitely get behind this logic. Spirituality is essentially feelings. Your feelings towards a particular subject.

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