I Don’t Know Why This Is Funny.

I stumbled upon a creationist article on the front page of a creationist website claiming that this cambrian fossil disproves evolution:

Because look, it’s so modern-looking!  Can’t you tell!

Then I google the species and the first secular article I find on it begins:

“An ancient sea animal that looked like a flower had its anus right next to its mouth, a new fossil study finds.”

The creationist article left that part out, lol.

I don’t remember seeing any aquatic flower rectum creatures on the discovery channel.

Now granted there apparently are modern species that are related to these ones and while they aren’t remotely identical (the cambrian ones were a dozen times larger for instance) the basic body shape is similar but it’s just a silly example.  When you have to lead with the asshole flower monster you know you’re in trouble.

I honestly don’t have an intellectual point, this just made me giggle for some reason.


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12 Responses to I Don’t Know Why This Is Funny.

  1. LOL @ “asshole flower monster.” 🙂

  2. I’m not even touching Creationism… Who cares about it anymore. lol

  3. YouToMe says:

    HahahaShucks. I was trying so hard not to laugh

  4. Behold all of god’s majesty on display in the beautiful anus flower.

  5. The is actually the photo of a highly evolved oil spill.

  6. Table54 says:

    Creationists tend to pull things out of their own ass.  Makes sense they wouldn’t know an ass from a hole in the ground.-Y

  7. amygwen says:

    Your commenters made a great addition to this post. Everybody made me laugh today.

  8. vexations says:

    I imagine you have seen this…..people will believe almost anything.http://www.ted.com/talks/michael_shermer_on_believing_strange_things.html

  9. Ass and mouth flower, is that related to foot-in-mouth syndrome that causes foot-in-ass by association? LMAO!

  10. agnophilo says:

    @vexations – That was awesome : )  Thanks.  Always been a mike shermer fan.

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