Horribly Awesome Real Church Signs [Edit].

You’re welcome.

[Edit: In response to this apparently some asshole gave my site an x-rating and blocked it until someone was kind enough to give me an A rating.  If those of you with a sense of humor could give me a few A ratings to make it harder to shut down my site I’d appreciate it – the “ratings” bar is at the top of the page.]


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19 Responses to Horribly Awesome Real Church Signs [Edit].

  1. leaflesstree says:

    Someone didn’t plan these things out, sometimes. Some I have to think they did on purpose.

  2. Table54 says:

    You always amaze. 

  3. jmallory says:

    Many many face palms!

  4. YouToMe says:

    You’re awful. Lol. Funny

  5. heckels says:

    oh my gosh these are flippin hilarious. honestly how could they be so clueless as to not realize what they are putting on these signs?

  6. NoxTigress says:

    And the point of these was…what, exactly?

  7. You sir, have a very dirty mind.

  8. vexations says:

    The truth is probably only about a third of them were photoshopped. The others,,,, what were they thinking?  Good one

  9. Those are so face palm worthy, haha.

  10. AncoraImparo says:

    The church near my house spread some Christmas cheer every year: SANTA=SATANI hope there is a lot of girl kissing in hell

  11. Ha; these made me laugh!!!

  12. cmdr_keen says:

    Hilarious! Sometimes people don’t think…

  13. angys_coco says:

    I rated your post. (LOL)

  14. Some dirty minds deserve an “A” rating.

  15. ElusiveWords says:

    hahahaha….. good one!

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