A Ray Of Sunshine.

Part of a comment I gave someone (who suggested the world was getting worse):

I think a lot of things about our culture stink, and I think that the world could do well to have more love and open minds and concern in it – but I don’t think it’s getting worse. I think it was just vastly worse in the past. We went from a nation that owned black people as property and worked/beat them to death to a country that just re-elected their first black president. We went from a country where women were powerless to one where women are not quite equal to men economically, but are making advances. There is basically no aspect of modern society that wasn’t worse in the past. We have runaway corporate greed, banks messing up the economy etc, but what do you think black tuesday was? And the robber barons and the big dynasties of early US commerce? The richest man in the world is worth 73 billion dollars. Adjusted for inflation John D. Rockafeller was worth ten times that. Corporate greed, as hard as it is to believe, is overall declining. So is war, poverty, hunger and disease. In the next ten years it’s estimated that polio will cease to exist due to the efforts of governments and charities, making it the second disease (the first was smallpox) to be eradicated.

Sorry if I’m ranting. Things are getting better though. It’s not all doom and gloom.

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7 Responses to A Ray Of Sunshine.

  1. TheSutraDude says:

    I agree with you. Can’t add more than that. 

  2. There are a lot of good things like pizza rolls, pop tarts, oreos, plastic surgery, shakira, wal-mart, dog slaves, the internet, tablets, free porn, diet soda, diet EVERYTHING, high tech sex toys, easily accessible information, legos, flavored lube, vitamix, well stocked grocery stores, thongs, tampons, moon cups, vagina deodorant, viagra, xanax, vicodin, anal beads

  3. Hunt4Truth says:

    Pol PotElizabeth BathoryJoseph StalinAdolph Hitler Genghis KhanTed BundyLady GaGa

  4. PPhilip says:

    @Hunt4Truth – Re the list:Pol Pot-Cambodia was able to let that guy live!!Elizabeth Bathory-Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed (Báthory Erzsébet in Hungarian, Alžbeta Bátoriová in Slovak; 7 August 1560 – 21 August 1614) was a countess from the renowned Báthory family of nobility in the Kingdom of Hungary. She has been labeled the most prolific female serial killer in history, although the number of murders is debated, and is remembered as the “Blood Countess.” Had to look that up.Joseph Stalin-Let power help to maintain “silence”Lead Soviet Union from an agrarian base to an industrial base. Help dislocate millions of people.Adolph Hitler – the yardstick to measure aggression, genocide and fascistsGenghis Khan-arguably the one person in history that conquered and terrorize  the most.Ted Bundy- gives new meaning to being a cannibal.Lady GaGa-Why did you put her here? I would say that Michael Jackson had more influence than her. Madonna comes close to Michael Jackson in influence.

  5. PPhilip says:

    What might be the best of this century? That we might be able to use stem cell research.Fracking allowed the United States to cut its rate of burning coal. I would wish that “cold fusion” might one day be a reality.This decade might be the decade of experimenting with hybrid vehicles.News media has been in danger of too much consolidation. The United States during Bush pushed a war with little justification, The Second Iraqi war. Basically a terrorist event like 9/11 could easily be used to justify something that has no connection.The Recession of 2008 could justifyable blamed on Bad loans that got approved. Basically a lot of things too good to be true turned out to be a big scam.Experiments with Austerity proves that if they put too much restrictions that it would prove to be counter productive.I wonder when the majority of folks will realize that Trickle down economy is just an illusion? Speaking of illusions a lot of Damned folks are talking about illusions just to kill Obama care. I wonder who will be the first Damned liar to have a heart attack and die?

  6. jmallory says:

    That thought drives me crazy. Every generation believes that every up-and-coming generation is far worse than the ones preceding it. The truth is, people just fear change, and often times, they operate out of that fear, trying to use it as proof of their premillenialism beliefs. So, they find comfort through their fear… I don’t quite know how to understand that.

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