Walking Dead Finale (Spoilers).

The Walking Dead is one of those shows I’ve stopped enjoying but still watch for some reason.  I hate when shows and movies about post-apocalyptic scenarios descend into mindless nihilism and “oh well, lets rape and kill everyone”.  Maybe I’m an idiot but I think more of humanity than that. 

Anyway, in the finale was I the only person who was soooo happy to see Andrea finally bite the dust?  Her character has been pissing me off for so long it’s like it’s her job to just be perpetually wrong about everything and make every possible bad decision no matter how simple the decision is.  A woman who decides life is worth living and she doesn’t want to kill herself after all and decides to hate the person who stopped her from killing herself.  ‘Nuff said.

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2 Responses to Walking Dead Finale (Spoilers).

  1. YEssss oh my gosh andrea was SO annoying!!!!! And it creeped and grossed me out so bad when her and the Governor had sex! Like more than any scene than I have seen in that show for the entire time it’s been running! I thought for sure that Herschel’s daughter (the blonde-haired one) would die because they said that soooo many people were going to bite it in the finale, but no really major characters died except Andrea. And Milton but Milton wasn’t really a major character, he was just a…..dude. Why don’t you enjoy the show anymore? I still love it. But the second they kill Daryl’s character off, I’m done.

  2. agnophilo says:

    @howsaboutsomemilk – I hear you about daryl, he’s a good character.  And I don’t enjoy it because the drama is just too contrived.  It’s like in tv shows where there’s a misunderstanding that causes some big problem and the show goes out of it’s way to not resolve it to keep the drama going, even to the point where one character realizes there’s a misunderstanding and arbitrarily decides not to clarify it and be pouty instead so the needless drama can continue.As the show got to the point where everyone and their uncle knew the “governor” was a psychopath and everyone just kept sitting on their hands and doing nothing about it it just got more and more annoying.  And of course the same thing will happen next season because he got away.

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