Abortion, Obama And Lies.

Obama has stated publicly and consistently that he’s morally opposed to abortion but thinks it should be legal, with the exception of late term abortion which he favors a ban on (and no republican will ever take him up on it because republicans don’t want to lose late term abortion as an election issue).  Conservatives have of course been trying to paint him as a ghoul salivating over images of dead babies who just loves abortion sooooo much.  The two main attacks have been pointing out that he voted against a bill requiring hospitals to treat babies that had been born alive, even if they were meant to be aborted. He voted the bill down because, as he pointed out, it was a purely political bill banning something that was already illegal to do.  The latest attack is to quote him as saying “god bless planned parenthood”, when what he actually did was give a speech at a planned parenthood event and end it the way he ends all of his speeches, “God bless you and god bless america”.  The words “god bless planned parenthood” never left the man’s lips.  But if you google “god bless planned parenthood” you will see pages and pages of conservative outlets misquoting him.  Here are my favorites from the first page of results:

“Barack Obama praised Planned Parenthood today saying, ‘God bless Planned Parenthood… We got to spread the word, particularly to young women.’ Gross.” (link)

“Video – ‘Messiah’ Obama: ‘God Bless Planned Parenthood… We Got To Spread The Word, Particularly Among Young Women’.” (link)

The shame is that anti-abortion folks probably won’t give two shits that this is a lie and will just attack me for being pro-choice as though this entry was in support of abortion.

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14 Responses to Abortion, Obama And Lies.

  1. TheSutraDude says:

    This is just one of the reasons the republican party continues to shrink, has shrinking approval ratings and is no longer trusted by the majority of Americans as a party that can do anything for the country. Lies catch up whether a person tells them or a political party. 

  2. HUMOR_ME_NOW says:

    It is a tough issue for sure and the politians clearly use the issue for their benefit. I did not think about it, but I am sure Obama simple said God Bless America,etc.My wife volunteered years ago at a Pregnancy Crises center across the street from Ohio State University. I attended a few of their meetings, and their goal of course was to encourage the gals with unplanned pregnancies to take their babies to full term. They were often criticized for not clearly posting their intentions for the incoming girls, but I learned some interesting medical information.I see the date as more between Pro-Birth and Pro-Choice. Our country has decided that women have the right to terminate a pregnancy within a few guidelines. Both sides are struggling with cases going up the judicial system to the Supreme Court.It is my understanding that more find abortion morally wrong, but a majority think it is the woman’s choice. Sounds reasonable. Neither Pro-Life or Pro-Choice like abortion. I hope there will be a drop in the number of gals faced with this problem. it is tough for them and family.I think my GOP got off track starting with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, immigration positions, firearm control, and national financing.I keep hoping both parties will find a way to really work together. There seems to be no real chance of a new third party springing up.Sorry for rambling.frank

  3. galadrial says:

    I guess I’m the first woman to wade in on this one.I am pro choice…and always have been.I don’t LIKE abortion.I don’t hate babies.I just believe that there is a very firm, unambiguous question that needs answered. Who’s life is sacred?  If you say the fetus, the woman is of no import…a concept I reject. If it comes down to mother or fetus, who wins? To my philosophy, the mother is primary. We do not grant citizenship until after birth.I read the Handmaid’s Tale with something like horror.I also believe that if a woman WANTS to give her life so her fetus can survive, that too, is being pro-choice, because it is HER option. But I will never support telling a woman that she MUST die, because of a chance pregnancy. And the woman is the only adult party at direct risk of death, as a result of pregnancy.That’s how I feel…and what I believe. And screw that “she could have kept her legs shut” nonsense. Men don’t HAVE to have sex either.

  4. @galadrial – “And screw that “she could have kept her legs shut” nonsense. Men don’t HAVE to have sex either.”THANK YOU!  It drives me crazy when the pro-lifers use that sad excuse of an argument.

  5. Nothing pisses me off more than someone telling me I’m stupid or uninformed for my views when all they can offer in support of their beliefs are all lies. Media literacy needs to be taught in high school. 

  6. PPhilip says:

    I would have a tough time to justify a man’s right to force a woman to have a child. I suppose a man is supposed to automatically help a woman support a child if the woman has his child. It should be automatic that men should also support a woman’s abortion whether he likes it or not. Because a man desires sex, it opens the door to him paying for child support or abortion.When folks write dishonestly does that make them less of a source to rely upon? Yes and it irks me that even intelligent reasoning often falls upon deaf ears. Xanga is a pretty huge space and basically everyone sort of visits and reads each other blogs. I think agnophilo has scared most of the trolls away with this blog and there is no pro life writing to contradict this position.

  7. the bottom line is: there are no laws that force a woman to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.  forcing a woman to give birth will only lead to thousands of children with birth defects.  

  8. President Clinton looked right into the camera, waved his finger and exclaimed, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…!”The same morons who believed President Clinton, believe President Obama.

  9. PPhilip says:

    @ImNotUglyIJustNeedLove – What a horrid analogy. All Presidents “tell their version” and the version where “prolifers” are lying about blessing planned parenthood is an agenda to make Obama look rabid pro choice.What sort of agenda is Clinton pushing when he denies he didn’t have sex with Monica? He is pandering to the puritanicalism in America. Insulting people as morons is just another speaking device to prove your agenda which you are too scared to state.

  10. @PPhilip – President Clinton was no analogy, believe me.  He was real as can be.  President Obama loves abortion, told Planned Parenthood just a few days ago, “God bless you.”This after that Planned Parenthood butcher Gosnel has been exposed in all his blood and guts glory.Saddam Hussein’s WMD have turned up in Syria but you keep blaming Bush. Yet you can’t tell a real liar because he’s a Democrat. 

  11. Aloysius_son says:

    I find it disturbing, yet fascinating, like the proverbial train wreck, how we (people in general) distort what we see and hear to fit our own views rather than attempt to objectively analyze the information. Misrepresentation of the facts is perhaps one of the most common tools used to promote ones own personal views.A while back I had encountered a post on Facebook by a friend who clearly had done this very thing when he celebrated a recent jobs report with regards to the unemployment figures. He reposted a graph put out by the White House, which alluded to a positive jobs  growth picture. I merely provided him with a link to the USDOL website and their most recent jobs report which if examined closely, painted a much bleaker picture. At first he made some comment inferring that I was an Obama hating right winged conservative. Then I think he actually visited the website and saw the data for himself. He deleted his comment and mine and finally the entire post.We tend to only see what we want to see. We hear only what we want to hear.

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