Paranoid Conservative Conspiracy Mill Buying Ads On Xanga.

I just clicked an ad asking if I’d support a national day of prayer on 9/11 (so I could say no I wouldn’t).  It took me to a WND (world net daily) poll.  For those of you who don’t know WND is notorious for popularizing BS like the ACORN “scandal” and many claims of the birther movement.  They are raving right wing partisan nutjobs.

Anyway, they are apparently advertising on xanga and they’re asking people to take a poll (thinly veiled attempt to get your email address so they can spam you, which the page explicitly says will happen if you fill out the form) and these are the responses allowed:

1) Would you support a National Day of Prayer and Fasting on 9-11-13?

  No, there is no God
  No, God doesn’t hear our prayers
  No, we’re doing just fine without God’s help
  Yes, our problems are so overwhelming, only God can save us
  Yes, He promises to heal our land if we repent, pray and humble ourselves
  Yes, this is what the founder of this country did frequently – and it worked

They manage to give six answers to a yes or no question and not one of them has anything to do with the fact that their proposal violates the first amendment.  In their mind either you’re an atheist or you’re a neo-con christian republican, no other possible response.

Suffice to say I did not answer their bullshit poll (even though making a fake email takes literally 2 seconds).

I’m fine with people not agreeing with my positions on things, but it’s sad how many people are so cut off they can’t even fathom my position on things.  And if I sat down with them and explained it for 20 minutes they would still be unable to fathom it.

This is what I don’t like about religion, it so often cuts people off.

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12 Responses to Paranoid Conservative Conspiracy Mill Buying Ads On Xanga.

  1. The writers of this Shit know exactly what they are up to. Sinister, dishonest and they are relentless.

  2. leaflesstree says:

    I do not support a day of prayer, and none of those answers comes anywhere near to my reasons for such. This is why surveys are unreliable for gauging public opinion; both the questions and answers can be skewed.

  3. Lovegrove says:

    If you quoted correctly and “the founder of this country” was meant to be in the singular, then it seems that maybe James Stuart can be said to be the founder, seeing he presided over the first English to found a town there, as far as I know or care. I doubt though, if it was he who was meant by these fundies.

  4. vexations says:

    “In their mind either you’re an atheist or you’re a neo-con christian republican, no other possible response.”I believe in a strict separation of church and state.  Over my lifetime I have seen the boundary become very blurred.  I remember when “In God We Trust” was NOT on our money.  Recently while driving across western North Carolina I was flipping through radio stations. The sequence went something like this, religious program (which in NC means conservative Christian), right wing talk show, religious program, right wing talk show, religious program, country music.  So I played a cd.  

  5. TheSutraDude says:

    I once clicked on one of their poll back during the 2012 Presidential campaign. I think I even posted about it. I can’t quote exactly but there were two options that went something like this: A) I intend to vote for Romney because I care about the economyB) I intend to vote for Obama because I don’t care about the economy I was like, What???? I didn’t vote in the absurd poll. I instead browsed around and saw all manner of craziness on the website. 

  6. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t for the people who concur with these attitudes.

  7. I think I just facepalmed myself into a concussion.

  8. PPhilip says:

    The Church of Scientology is also recruiting and they use biased questions to get you to become one of them.I suppose we could develop a poll to recruit more forward thinkers. It is not hard and if you do it well we can use it to determine who is a good possible subscriber.Often people who avoid polls can detect the biases. Off the top of my head here is some important things I would ask:1. Healthcare should be limited to those who can pay. How much is too much to pay per month?a) $50 per monthb) $100 per monthc) $300 per month2. What things should be done to improve the economy?a) Increase the employment?b) Give incentives for those hiring workers?c) Lower taxes?

  9. intslife says:

    Christianity was never a religion to begin with, period. So you are right in saying that religion cuts people off, because it does. When going to church becomes a formality, you will realise that religion doesn’t make you a Christian.

  10. buddy71 says:

    why would i have to give a reason?  just   yes/no should be plain enough

  11. One conservative fucktard group called me during the presidential campaign.  Their choices of answers to the “isn’t Romney the best thing since Saint Reagan?” questions they asked were just as stupidly incomplete.

  12. I wouldn’t be against the ‘day of prayer’ thing if it was all-inclusive (as in, Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans and other non-Abrahamic faiths would be equally included), but it isn’t. Anything like this that happens in the US is meant for the Abrahamic faiths only. If you’re not part of that, they don’t give a shit about you. It’s not the religious expression I object to. It’s the creedism.

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