Humans Are Animals (Literally).

We use the term “animal” to refer to any animal species except humans and often to contrast ourselves with them, ie “stop behaving like an animal”, or “what were you born in a barn?”.  We think of animals with contempt but the fact is despite all our advancements as a species we are still animals.  Don’t believe me?

What are the traits of animals?







The tendency to growl and bare our teeth when we’re mad?


Do we ever exhibit aggressive, territorial behavior?

Big check.

Can anyone think of anything animals do that we don’t do?  Or any physical trait that we have that some animals don’t?

We’re animals, admit it.

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17 Responses to Humans Are Animals (Literally).

  1. musterion99 says:

    I just flapped my wings and flew for a couple hours today. That was fun.

  2. agnophilo says:

    @musterion99 – Link, note the skeletal similarities.  Link (fossil precursor to modern birds), note the greater similarity, specifically the separate digits with claws at the end.  Also note that the feathers and claws in birds are made of the same material your fingernails, hair and callouses are made of, and the genes that make this material (keratin) are similar in not just birds and mammals, but reptiles as well (scales are made of keratin also).So yes, thanks for another good example of common anatomy : P

  3. Nostra_Damus says:

    Humans say… I think so I am and animals, just are.

  4. TheSutraDude says:

    Sometimes we don’t kill even though we’re hungry. Sometimes we do kill even though we’re not hungry. That places us left and right of the animal kingdom so I guess when we average things out, yeah. Animals don’t go bowling so we’re different there….for whatever THAT’S worth. 

  5. Lovegrove says:

    I knew a guy who reported all out delving to the boss. I figure he was a plant.

  6. nov_way says:

    Seen anything interesting, lately? 

  7. SKANLYN says:

    We have souls. Animals don’t.

  8. pauliboi says:

    @SKANLYN –  I’m sorry. I thought this was an intelligent conversion based in reality. Not sure about your deal.. but there is no poltergeist living in ME! On topic: we tend to hate based solely on the basis of appearance. Usually having no bearing on the survival or continuation of the species. Hate for the sake of hate..

  9. agnophilo says:

    @Nostra_Damus – Yup.@TheSutraDude – There are herbivores in nature.  And I searched “dog bowling” on youtube and got lots of (lame) videos of dogs bowling : P@Lovegrove – Come again?@nov_way – Such as?@SKANLYN – Uh huh.@pauliboi – Skanlyn is a deliberate troll, he’s trying to be obnoxious.  And our hatred is based on tribalism, terretorialism and our perception of “them” being “them” and “us” being “us”, making our moral instincts apply or not apply to different groups.  There is a psychological basis for it.

  10. SKANLYN says:

    @agnophilo – And by troll you mean anyone who expresses beliefs, thoughts, or opinions that do not mirror your own?

  11. Of course humans are animals!

  12. agnophilo says:

    @SKANLYN – No, I mean someone whose posts for years have always been sarcastic and overtly provocative in every post I’ve seen by them.@Donkey_Guy_10 – Yup.  Some people reject this.

  13. nov_way says:

    Anything that got hold of your attention in your life lately. =)

  14. SKANLYN says:

    @agnophilo – You’re not overtly provocative? Or is it for some higher purpose when you are and thus more justified than in my case? Either way I don’t think either of us deserves to be called such a pejorative term as “troll”.Also I believe you meant “seen by him” not “seen by them”. Using the wrong pronoun would get your knuckles beaten bloody where I went to school.

  15. PPhilip says:

    Some conservatives have such a hard shell around them that that beats whatever shell a tortoise or a clam could have.The Troll that lives under a bridge should be bothered by the traffic that comes their way but I suppose they take it out on people who they think deserve to take abuse. Trolls hate a losing argument and often change/switch subjects and remain aloof from the subject at hand.@SKANLYN – Hmm, at least you approve of the subject about souls. I guess you are not souless. If there was just one troll then yes it would be seen by him. If multiple people act as trolls then you can be seen by them. Combining all the trolls together will still let this comment be seen by them. Beat the shit out of one of them but it is harder to beat the shit out of all of them.

  16. SKANLYN says:

    @PPhilip – Yeah, what you said.

  17. TheSutraDude says:

    @agnophilo – Haha! Come to think of it, on the day of Super Bowls they air “The Puppy Bowl”. They bowl and they play football. 

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