Phallic Symbol Irony.

People often say skyscrapers are a phallic symbol, overcompensation etc, I just saw an ad for a show about skyscrapers that ended with “Brought to you by Siemens, [slogan].”

Oh the irony.

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3 Responses to Phallic Symbol Irony.

  1. Nostra_Damus says:

    Fisrt time I hear this. I always was of the opinion that skyscrapers were made that way cause of man’s inner wanting to touch the sky. The higher, the closer he felt to his ultimate goal.

  2. meddwl says:

    LOL I remember laughin a lot on Obelisc the Tormentor when Yu Gi Oh was da’ thing and my lil kid asked me to buy him an action figure with that name :O I was like “UH?” My six year old was asking me to buy him cruel penis????Symbols are fun 😀

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