Wow… Just wow…

I’ve been looking into the post-presidential activities of recent presidents and the disparity is unbelievable.  All the democrats without exception spent the rest of their lives in service to others and accomplished so much while the republicans just sat on a beach somewhere.

All of the former presidents sold an autobiography and made political appearances in support of other candidates etc, but in terms of altriustic acts Nixon I’m skipping just to be fair, Ford spoke out in favor of gay rights and that’s all I can find that he did for anyone else.  Reagan did absolutely nothing except make political appearances for the GOP, though to be fair he had alzheimers which effected him shortly after leaving office so we’ll give him a pass.  George HW Bush, apparently the most altruistic republican former president in living memory, spent six years as a trustee for the eisenhower fellowship fund that helps people get into government, business etc.  He and his son both made appearances for disaster relief once or twice at the urging of former president clinton (by the way that sentence sums up George Bush Jr’s altruistic activities).  So what about the democrats?

Well, here’s the post-presidency section of carter’s wikipedia page:

Holy fucking shit.

What about Clinton?

His post-presidential activities (most of them altruistic) are the only ones so far that are so numerous they require their own page on wikipedia.  I heard the other day his foundation (in conjunction with other groups) is on the verge of eliminating polio (the second disease in human history to be eliminated from nature, the first was smallpox). 

No republican has won a nobel peace prize in over a hundred years – three democrats have won them in that time.  Does anyone think obama is going to sit on a beach when he leaves office?

I knew GWB spent all his time painting nude self portraits but I honestly didn’t expect his fellow republican presidents to be so devoid of altruism.  Even the ones that didn’t leave office in disgrace.

Even the bible says “by your fruits shall you know them…”

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29 Responses to Wow… Just wow…

  1. Not that it’s likely, but in my fantasy world, President Obama pulls a Taft post-office and finds his way onto the Supreme Court.

  2. And to be fair, you have an incredibly small sample space. Both Reagan and Bush Sr. were up there in age when they left office. If Hillary were to be elected in 2016 and serves two terms, she wouldn’t be doing very much out office either.

  3. agnophilo says:

    @Celestial_Teapot – That would be interesting.@Celestial_Teapot – That is a perfectly fair point.  Though many of them were politically active for years after leaving office.

  4. coolmonkey says:

    I think they are being as altruistic as they can.  The world is a better place with Bush painting poodles instead of playing into GOP machinations.

  5. agnophilo says:

    @coolmonkey – I don’t think he would be much of an asset to the GOP anyway.

  6. Hunt4Truth says:

    Politicians and rich people are not typically good examples of altruism — good point though. I’ve met plenty of social service people that give their all in service to others — but really, they are too just a small fraction of all the social workers. Its difficult to put aside victim thinking or resentments or injustice protests to really step up and be 100% altruistic. I know I falter as much as helping. Do you dedicate any of your time to helping others?an aside… you have a very diverse playlist Mark.

  7. agnophilo says:

    @Celestial_Teapot – Carter is still visiting third world countries and helping people and he’s 89.  Clinton is 67, when he gets to say 80 if he’s still actively helping people then I’d say your hypothesis is effectively debunked.

  8. agnophilo says:

    @Hunt4Truth – I have eclectic tastes in music : )  And I spent my entire adult life caring for a disabled parent, does that count?

  9. Hunt4Truth says: counts very much. actually, I remember now, I was in my minds notes supposed to remember that about you. thanks for your caring

  10. agnophilo says:

    @Hunt4Truth – Didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter.

  11. Hunt4Truth says:

    there are always choices

  12. agnophilo says:

    @Hunt4Truth – Ever seen the show firefly?  Excellent show if you haven’t, I highly recommend getting it.  Anyway there’s a bit of dialogue:[Sheriff Bourne has caught Mal returning stolen medicine to a plague-stricken town]Sheriff Bourne: You were truthful back in town. These are tough times. A man can get a job, he might not look too close at what that job is. But a man learns all the details of a situation like ours… well… then he has a choice.Mal: I don’t believe he does.

  13. NeverSubmit says:

    Last I heard, attempts to eradicate polio in the middle east were seriously handicapped by anti-western science sentiments, especially in the Taliban-controlled areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  I don’t know the situation in South Africa vis-à-vis polio, but when I traveled there only a few years ago, I was required to get vaccinated lest I bring any back.  Tuberculosis happens down there from time to time, and their solution is to keep the windows open at all times.

  14. SKANLYN says:

    And just the other day you were calling me a troll on account of my “sarcastic and overly provocative” posts. You may be a goddamned hypocrite but a good post is a good post. I can’t wait to see how many dipshits will waste their time writing multiple paragraph responses to this one. Good work Skull Boy!

  15. It’s because Republicans are the only true Christians, and true Christians don’t flaunt their good deeds. The fact that Democrats did their good deeds for praise instead of helping others just goes to show they are tools used by Satan. Just like MSNBC, CNN, and the liberal media.

  16. dingus6 says:

    Ford really ticked me off after the ’76 election. Though a lame duck president can still wield tremendous power, grant pardons, protect national landmarks, etc ., Ford went straight to Aspen and spent the rest of his presidency skiing and golfing in Palm Springs.

  17. PPhilip says:

    I was wondering if Democratic candidates for President also showed great “fruits” John Edwards comes to mind and he won a national award for public service from his lawyer peers which is fantastic.@ShimmerBodyCream – There are a lot of non christians who do public service not for publicity but because they are good people. I have read criticism of Mother Teresa and other Christians but I believe Rev Martin Luther King Jr. probably walked the walk more than any other “Christian” that ever lived in the 20th Century. So is there any other “christian role model” that is out there that comes to your mind?

  18. @PPhilip – Because they were tools of Satan.

  19. @PPhilip – Once again it seems she’s hammered on the christian sacramental wine.  We should have got rid of her months ago.

  20. Hunt4Truth says:

    @agnophilo – re: firefly; I queued some of them up to record on the 19th–they are showing many from the beginning–no, never saw that show. There usually are at least two choices — right or wrong. Doing either may be difficult. Sometimes there are many choices; at least related to the ultimate right or wrong choice. Maybe for Mel, there is no choice if he somehow is wholly right or wrong all the time. That would be unusual. 

  21. @ItsWhatEyeKnow – Are you being sarcastic? I have seen your posts before, you are also a tool from Satan.

  22. @we_deny_everything – Jesus loved wine, I’m being a good Christian, as always.

  23. I think most have noticed this and aren’t surprised.  Whether a president continues in a personal effort to make the world a better place after leaving the White House or not most likely has a direct correlation to the man’s true motivation to be president in the first place. Romney’s motivation was fame and and notching a belt.  Think he would have taken up altruistic causes post presidency if he had won?  Ha.

  24. “All the democrats without exception spent the rest of their lives in service to others and accomplished so much while the republicans just sat on a beach somewhere.”Altruism. That’s freaking hilarious. You know the definition of altruism, right? So, assuming that, how altruistic do you think it is when these people get paid out the wazoo to be so altruistic, and run their traps for this or that cause?Personally, after giving four or eight years of your life to the Presidency, I find it more respectable to get out of the way, you’ve earned it, versus using that position as a resume item for million-dollar speeches.But hey, your page, you can spin it any way you want to the people who aren’t capable of thought.

  25. Helping the Democrat Party organized crime syndicate increase its stranglehold on American government is only “helping others” if you’re a fascist.But it’s great to see Barack Obama getting started on that 8 years before leaving office.

  26. JustM says:

    I’m afraid that Ghillies_Guide makes an exceptional point.  Getting paid to be altruistic really isn’t all that “altruistic” at it’s heart.   How many $$$$ has Clinton raked in for making speeches since the conclusion of his presidency?  This, of course, on top of the $400,000+ that we Americans shell out to them every year FOR LIFE for simply having been president. Heck, that alone is enough reason for anyone to get into politics, I’m just saying.Republicans / Democrats — I’ll take Ross Perot and his “I don’t need a salary, let’s just get people working” mentality any day of the week.  At least that makes sense.  Too bad that in the end he proved to be nothing more than a cream puff.  😦

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