Just Heard About Xanga Dying (UPDATED).

[Edit: apparently the stop date is july 15th, not june so it’s a month and a half until it closes (or changes to something maybe not worth having)]

Link if you didn’t know.  You can apparently download an archive of your site for free even if you don’t have premium (the previous link gives a link to do this).  It’s no wonder the site’s dying, I’ve been getting over 3k hits a week when not even active, so many spammers and data crawlers.  Will miss you all (minus the trolls).

Shitty of them to only give people 15 days notice to DL their site though.

Also I just clicked to link to make an archive to my site but it hasn’t made one yet – anyone have any idea how long it takes?  Hopefully not 15 days…

Also here is a link to a program that can allegedly import your xanga archive to wordpress.

Rec, rec, rec.  People only have 15 days.

I DLed my archive, took like 30 minutes or an hour or something to make it, and the DL total was about 5 megabytes (tiny!).  At least xanga did that well.

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22 Responses to Just Heard About Xanga Dying (UPDATED).

  1. dw817 says:

    I wrote a post on two such places to go in the eventual capsize of Xanga. What we really need here is a heavy hitter like THEO to put out a post and determine really WHERE the good and active members of Xanga can reconvene and re-build their homes.Sorry you’ve been getting hammered by spammers and such. I looked up my Tumblr page after months not being in there and it received 30 ridiculous spam all over it.One such site I suggested has an option to only allow friends to make comments for individual posts, that would stop spammers right there.

  2. agnophilo says:

    @dw817 – Spam fighting should be automated, ie limit people to x number of comments per hour or automatically detect multiple posts and limit the number to ten or something, or make anyone engaging in suspicious activity do a captcha thing.

  3. locomotiv says:

    it’s too bad Xanga is closing…maybe it’s just a prank…i’m sad because i will miss all my imaginary lovers… 😦

  4. agnophilo says:

    @locomotiv – Alrighty…  and it doesn’t appear to be a prank, see the link above.

  5. dw817 says:

    @agnophilo – Your heart is in the right place, but have you SEEN some of these one-time spammers ? They write enough to fill a whole screen in that single comment !No, I like the security that one site offers to not even give spammers a chance to make a single post.We’re down to that level in this year of 2013, Agnophilo. Maybe back in 1993 or 2003 it wasn’t so bad – but this is what we face in the world of Internet today. Spammers and trolls, and they are out to damage.It has to end, and new and more modern blogging software is already taking steps to prevent against them ….

  6. locomotiv says:

    @agnophilo – i visited, but find the conditions to continue behond my strength…

  7. agnophilo says:

    @dw817 – You can take all of those measures if you want though, you can disable anonymous comments and put your site on friends lock.  It should be an option, but not mandatory. 

  8. agnophilo says:

    @locomotiv – If you want to archive your site you need to find the strength.  Or go here.

  9. locomotiv says:

    @agnophilo – thank you…it was easy.. so it means i’m still in i guess…

  10. dw817 says:

    @agnophilo – Friend’s Lock was overkill from what I wanted. All I really wanted from Xanga was the ability to have only friends post comments. That would’ve been enough for me to drop Friend’s Lock and go mainstream again.Moderation of comments (approve before they appear) is good too but you can still have troll messages or spam arrive on your page in private that you have to constantly delete.Just an option to allow friends to post comments would’ve been enough. As I think you know, I was working towards building something like this in Xanga HERE. Nice to know I won’t have to finish this complex project now.

  11. agnophilo says:

    @locomotiv – See the updated blog.  And you downloaded your archive?  Mine is still generating.@dw817 – Neato, what kind of programming do you do?  I’m studying c++ in my free time.

  12. locomotiv says:

    @agnophilo – the updated blog ?

  13. agnophilo says:

    @locomotiv – Same one you’re reading now, I updated it.

  14. roamingchile says:

    Thanks for the WordPress importer. I shall give it a try.And I love that when I opened your page, “2525” started playing. Was appropriate to the Xanga mood.

  15. loner_writer says:

    Have a good life if I don’t find you on the other side, man 🙂

  16. Amandascowen says:

    poop. are you serious?  Guess I am keeping the tumblr and  wordpress  I’ll have to copy this over.

  17. musterion99 says:

    It’s not 15 days. It’s 6 weeks. The close date is July 15.

  18. Hunt4Truth says:

    FYII ordered an archive copy of my blog. It is arranged by month. It is useful and perhaps it can be used to import at anotyher blog. The for each month comtains the pages in date order. Each one is followed by the comments with links to who made the comment. There is a separate archive for images, video, etc. You can save the archive files on your computer.

  19. I will miss the discussion on here and I appreciate what you contributed to that.

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