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Da Bible N’ Stuff.

Another comment about the bible (in-line response) I thought worth reposting.  Enjoy: “So, as you read this, know that my mind is made up and closed like a steel trap and I care not what you think about it. As … Continue reading

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Motivational Videos, Bucket Lists And The Meaning Of Life.

This is part of a comment I left as part of a conversation I felt worth passing on: I remember seeing a motivational ted talk recently about a guy who did all this amazing stuff with his life because he … Continue reading

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Creationists Calling Attention To Another School Attack.

There have been a dozen or so school shootings since 28 lives were claimed at newtown, and it’s nice to see the good christians who run the creationist website Answers In Genesis (who never once mentioned newtown on their website) … Continue reading

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Re: The Quran Is Miraculous.

Response to a comment I posted: “I were to ask my muslim friends, or any random muslims, on this aspect, the most common answer that I would probably hear is about the scientific miracles of the Quran..   They would bring … Continue reading

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Comment About Religion, Mirrorism, Etc.

Posted this in response to a blog about “proofs” of islam: The fact that multiple religions use the same types of evidence (prophecy, miracles, faith healing, answered prayers, supposed “science” in ancient texts, revelation and so on) and that those … Continue reading

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