Creationists Calling Attention To Another School Attack.

There have been a dozen or so school shootings since 28 lives were claimed at newtown, and it’s nice to see the good christians who run the creationist website Answers In Genesis (who never once mentioned newtown on their website) calling attention to an apparently more important “vicious” attack on a small South Carolina creationist school.  Were guns used?  Pipe bombs?  No it was far worse than that.  Some people posted critical comments about a picture of a 4th grade creationist “science” test on someone’s reddit account.  Oh the humanity!

And I didn’t know this, but some people on the internet are mean-spirited.  Oh their god!

So yeah, turns out the school has 150 students and sucks so hard they’re nearly 3 million in debt and lose as much as $500,000 a year beyond what they take in (how the hell can a tiny school even use that much money??) and they’re using this “vicious” attack as a fund-raising campaign to raise 200 grand to keep their doors open.  Oh no, someone was mean to me on the internet, give me $200,000!

And people don’t felate me everywhere I go, I’m so persecuted.  Boo and/or hoo.

Oh, and AIG demands scientists provide a “missing link” before accepting evolution while having articles on their homepage with titles like “Dragons, fact or fiction?”  Oh the irony.

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4 Responses to Creationists Calling Attention To Another School Attack.

  1. whyzat says:

    I would like to iron a few creationists!

  2. agnophilo says:

    @whyzat – OMG you just threatened them with violence! Evil atheist! See, persecution!

  3. Does this mean we get to complain about pretty much every article on AiG which insults real scientists?

  4. agnophilo says:

    @GodlessLiberal – No it’s only persecution if you disagree with them.

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