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15 Questions For Evolutionists (Response)

This is my in-line response to a list of loaded and supposedly unanswerable questions about evolution that someone posted (many of which have nothing to do with evolution):       “How did life originate just by chemistry without a Designer?” … Continue reading

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Snapple “Real Fact” # 690 Is A Lie.

I got a snapple the other day, the top had a “fact” that said a chameleon’s tongue moves faster than a fighter jet.  I didn’t buy it, googled it, and apparently it goes around 12 miles per hour.  It does … Continue reading

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Just moved here from xanga.

As the title says I just moved here from xanga (my screenname was agnophilo there too) and brought all my old blogs with me.  If anyone wants to go through and read them there’s a lot on science, religion, politics … Continue reading

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