Snapple “Real Fact” # 690 Is A Lie.

I got a snapple the other day, the top had a “fact” that said a chameleon’s tongue moves faster than a fighter jet.  I didn’t buy it, googled it, and apparently it goes around 12 miles per hour.  It does however accelerate faster than a fighter jet, but this is due to the fact that it doesn’t weigh thousands of pounds or contain a pilot who can black out due to blood being drained away from his head by g-forces.  A rubber band probably accelerates faster than both when snapped.  Snapple isn’t reliable, my worldview is shattered.

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9 Responses to Snapple “Real Fact” # 690 Is A Lie.

  1. ooglick says:

    It makes me happy when people even fact check Snapple lids. ^_^

    • agnophilo says:

      Heh : ) I do feel lame though now that I think about it – I shouldn’t have even had to fact-check it since fighter jets can go supersonic and if a chameleon’s tongue could do that it would literally sound like a gunshot because there would be a little sonic boom. So yeah, nerd fail : (

  2. Maybe it means it *accelerates* faster than a fighter jet.

  3. It has been my experience that “factoids” or “real facts” are either false or only conditionally true approximately 95% of the time. On the other hand, I am disappointed that chameleons cannot cause sonic booms with their tongues.

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