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The Flaw In The Anti-Tax/Government Philosophy.

This picture sums up perfectly the anti-tax, anti-government, “why should I pay for that” attitude of the tea party/conservative/republican movement. When of course commercials are what fund the development and distribution of the tv shows.  You get rid of one, … Continue reading

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Re: Evolution Vs God.

The new mini-mockumentary attacking evolution by Ray Comfort has gotten a lot of promotion on this site and I thought I’d post one of my responses to the claim that no scientist in the world can give an example of … Continue reading

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The Bible As A Historical Document/Allegory.

I gave the following response to someone about the bible which I thought contained some interesting info.  The response I got was just scripture saying the bible is infallible…  Oh well.  I thought I’d share the comment anyway:   “One … Continue reading

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