The Flaw In The Anti-Tax/Government Philosophy.

This picture sums up perfectly the anti-tax, anti-government, “why should I pay for that” attitude of the tea party/conservative/republican movement.


When of course commercials are what fund the development and distribution of the tv shows.  You get rid of one, you get rid of the other.   Conservatives that don’t have kids resent their taxes going to public education, as though living in a society of people that can read, write and do basic math isn’t in everyone’s best interest.  Rich conservatives with kids resent having to pay taxes for public education since their kids go to private school, when if only the children of the wealthy went to private school there would be no literate workforce to fuel a first world society and we would produce far fewer doctors, scientists, engineers etc than we need, leading to the abrupt collapse of western civilization.

I moved to Oregon a few months ago and as a result I’ve been doing temp jobs, mostly in warehouses making about ten bucks an hour.  A week or so ago I got a ride home from another temp who could only afford a car because he knew how to fix it himself, and even so the thing was barely running.  So we’re riding along and I ask him how long it will be until the new MAX line is built (train).  He immediately starts complaining about how he won’t use it because he doesn’t live near it but it still comes out of his taxes, and I said to him “that is like the heart complaining about the blood going to the lungs and saying ‘hey get back here, that’s my blood’ and wanting to hold onto it”.  Not realizing of course that the blood goes to the lungs, picks up oxygen and comes back which is the only thing keeping the heart alive.  I told him that 9 out of 10 of the temps that work in that warehouse use public transportation to get to work and if they couldn’t get to work the warehouse couldn’t operate and he wouldn’t have a job.  So he’s complaining about the 15% or so of his paycheck going to taxes when that 15% makes the other 85% possible to begin with.

This is directly analogous to this anti-tax/government philosophy.  Don’t drive?  You still need roads because that’s how the stores you buy groceries from ship their merchandize and how commerce flows that indirectly or directly produces your job.

And even if something only helped other people what kind of jerk would I be to be upset about that?  We’re not talking about me being poor so someone else can walk around with bling bling or something, we’re talking about cleaning water so it’s not poisonous and teaching kids to read.  Building bridges and maintaining law and order.

I’m too lazy to elaborate more, you get the point.

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11 Responses to The Flaw In The Anti-Tax/Government Philosophy.

  1. Rebeka Renae says:

    Good stuff, as always.

  2. The trick of it is balancing the expenditures with the available cash… borrowing is fine by me, but the system that funds education and roads and military forces needs to get a lot better at budgeting.

  3. BP oil is somewhere around you. They are hiring…some positions, with no needed experience, pay very well. 😉 also, this company is hiring. I know the owner personally, he’s a great person to work for. I’ve know him most my life. You can give him my name (which, I won’t say on here so just email me). It’s in Eugene, but it’s steady, good work. And an awesome area to work in. My Dad worked in that field for decades as a VP. It’s been a great field for our family. My husband worked in the plant part too before school. 😉 they make PVC pipe. Which is always in demand! And, Jeff played at the rose bowl for the ducks so I’m a bit partial..

    • agnophilo says:

      That is very nice of you but I just signed a lease on an apartment and the commute there (if it’s even possible, I use public transportation) would be insane. I live in milwaukie and work in portland and even that is an hour or two depending on the time of day. That is incredibly generous of you though – you don’t even know me. Also please delete your comment or you will get spam, you should never post your email publicly as spammers have servers that crawl the internet looking for email addresses to sell to advertisers.

  4. Beth says:

    I can’t figure out how to delete it lol…but it’s my spam email anyways, I have another one just for family or friends. Thanks for the heads up though!

    • agnophilo says:

      I edited out the email address. And I use, they have tons of domains you can just make up email addresses for (they create an email account when it receives email).

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