Question About WordPress.

How do I make the text in replies on my site not get narrower and narrower with each response?

Thanks in advance.


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67 Responses to Question About WordPress.

  1. Adam Benton says:

    Under the discussion tab there should be an option for number of nested replies. Turning that off will make them all the same width (but will disable the ability to reply, I think)

  2. jasontrivium says:

    Yeah, this is a feature I wish I could change as well.

  3. whyzat says:

    I don’t think we can do much about anything, yet.

  4. If you reply through the Comments in your dashboard, it will have the same width as the comment you’re replying to. But, of course, your readers can’t do that, so eventually it will still irritatingly elongate.

  5. I se you got the answer… Caroline is correct.

  6. Oh… all three replies to Caroline’s last comment are indented.
    It seems we do not yet have a solution.

  7. I’d have to choose to reply to my own comment to keep the indent from occurring — not likely that visitors will do that — but you can reply to their first comment rather than the last.

  8. GrannysPlace says:

    I was waiting to see what the answer is cause I wanted to know too.

  9. blogmefast says:

    i wish i knew..

  10. blogmefast says:

    i’m sorry..i was not aware i was commenting..i was testing something..but i still wished i this your Xanga site ? i can’t use mine..i remember you helped me with my archives..

    • this isn’t Xanga. Our old profiles were loaded onto wordpress and you can update yours and also load your previous (backups) pages if you want to do that. You’d start here:

      • blogmefast says:

        thank you very much for your fast reply..i did everything in vain..

          • blogmefast says:

            yes, in vain..i tried and tried, to no avail..however, but my frustration is just because i think there is something i dont understand…i was under the impression that we still could use Xanga for free..i just dont know how to do it..does it mean that those who are on Xanga now are only those who pay ?…thank you for even bothering…

            • agnophilo says:

              Yeah, us poor folk aren’t allowed to use it anymore. We may be able to sign in and view our old blogs or whatever once they’re done rebuilding the site (I just went there and apparently the site will be down tonight while they physically move their servers), but for now nobody can use the site to blog.

    • agnophilo says:

      Who were you on xanga? And yeah I moved my xanga here. And yeah xanga has gone paysite, you can only download your archives now unless you pay.

      • blogmefast says:

        i dont want to use your site for my own searches..anyway, i was locomotiv on Xanga..not that i was famous..i’m not a paying it must be normal that i can’t find my old post..they said it was free..anyhow it’s not the end of the world..this wp is not so vibrant and interactive like’s more ghostlike..i will try was Hunt for Truth told me..thank you…

  11. blogmefast says:

    i lost you …

  12. blogmefast says:

    oh well…so i lost myself in here..i know you just talked to me one minute nothing can be’s ok..i dont mind really..where are your post…word press is’s hard to communicate on…thanks a million…i should come back and give my opinion on your posts sometime….

  13. blogmefast says:

    i will try perhaps tomorrow..i’m losing even this page..definitely there is something i dont understand..i dont really need these pictures..i am exhausted..thank you so much for helping me…

    • agnophilo says:

      No worries, feel better. And I won’t be online tomorrow (have to work) but if you have any questions or problems respond and I will get back when I can. Aparently you will be able to download your archive even after they publish “xanga 2.0”.

  14. blogmefast says:

    they close in 4 minutes. thank you..i will read your instructions tomorrow…

  15. blogmefast says:

    your patience is remarquable…

  16. check out the way that the TWENTY ELEVEN theme groups comments… it would seem that you can limit indents as Adam Benton says and still have them set off… you can preview themes in the appearances interface.

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