Godless Heathen Quote.

This is part of a comment I left on someone’s site, they were talking about how atheists just kick back and don’t try to believe in god and how much effort it takes.  I said:


As for believing in god taking work – I put a great deal of effort into my worldview, the difference is I work hard to try to understand the universe, not believe this or that about it. I’m sure believing in allah and the koran takes a great deal of work too. It is hard to understand how and why the earth is round, but it is not hard to believe it because we can prove it. It would be hard to believe it was flat though.

True things tend to be hard to understand but easy to believe, false things tend to be hard to believe and easy to understand.

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8 Responses to Godless Heathen Quote.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey I understand you don’t believe in God but listen there are some that do and because they do and you don’t dont leave rude comments on what they put its theirs if you disagree then leave it alone

    • agnophilo says:

      First of all the blog I was talking about was talking about atheists, I didn’t just randomly seek out blogs about religion to be contrary. And second, I don’t think disagreeing with someone is rude just because of what I am disagreeing with.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That is also my girlfriend you are talking to you wouldn’t want rude things to be said to your girlfriend or wife I hope you learn to respect someone else’s more

    • agnophilo says:

      I understand your being protective but if you’re protecting her from different ideas you might want to make a sound-proof bubble for her, and steer clear of social networking sites.

  3. Once again, good points. Back to one of quotes: I don’t care what you believe as long as you’ve thought about it. Love the hard work that it takes to know what it is you think and what we each believe we should think. But, I do think some people are lazy in their thoughts/beliefs whatever they may be – religious or not. Take culture for example. My eyes were opened to the fact that my culture is not the right one, it’s just one of many. The way I do things is not right, it just works for me as other things will work for different people. E.g, We can eat at a table or on the floor, with fingers of with cutlery. None is right or wrong, just different. There I go again, going on in my own thoughts.

    • agnophilo says:

      I’m sure our culture is probably the best… in some ways. And the worst in others and somewhere in the middle in most ways. Then you get into zen buddhism and evil being necessary for good and visa versa and the whole analysis goes to hell.

  4. blogmefast says:

    it’s good to see an atheist once in a while..

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