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Philosophy/religion/science/god/bible discussion.

  This is a response I just posted on someone’s blog in a discussion about the above topics.  It is long and gets into some deep things so I thought I’d post it:     “agnophilo, I appreciate the conversion. … Continue reading

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Re: Science Is Just Interpretation.

Someone posted this picture on their blog:   To which I replied:   While this is an immensely popular talking point, it isn’t how actual science works.  In science you don’t make a discovery then try to fit it into … Continue reading

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Re: Darwin Inspired Hitler.

This is a comment I gave in response to someone’s blog about the above topic, I thought it repost-worthy.  Hope you find it informative:   “…but the following are pretty indisputable:  1. Evolutionary theory and social darwinism inspired Hitler. I … Continue reading

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