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Gay Marriage.

I got a bit touchy when talking to someone about gay marriage and called them out a bit on their bigotry.  I haven’t done that in awhile (in general, not just gay-bashers). I thought I’d share my last comment:   … Continue reading

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Naturalism Is Not Atheism.

Another comment I gave that I wanted to repost:   Naturalism, for a theist, simply means that god acts through the laws of nature rather than (or in addition to) miracles, which are supposed instances of the properties of the … Continue reading

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Irreducible complexity.

This is a response I gave to someone making the irreducible complexity argument (the idea that because complex modern life forms cannot be taken apart piece by piece and still function their parts must have been simultaneously assembled by god).  … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Reality (And Other Trivia).

I replied to a blog which dealt with concepts of eastern philosophy, that we are the universe itself and so on, and I said this which I thought you might enjoy:   Even if life is random it’s not meaningless, … Continue reading

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