The Ultimate Reality (And Other Trivia).

I replied to a blog which dealt with concepts of eastern philosophy, that we are the universe itself and so on, and I said this which I thought you might enjoy:


Even if life is random it’s not meaningless, otherwise it’s supposed meaninglessness wouldn’t mean something to you, lol. If it bums you out, that’s meaning too. Not all meaning is positive. I think that we can conceptualize ourselves and the universe as part of the same thing and that it is equally logically valid as conceptualizing separate atoms as a table or a chair. I also think that this makes us feel warm and fuzzy because we’re mammals and mammals, being social creatures, usually have an innate desire to be a part of something outside of ourselves. Just as a sheep doesn’t feel right unless it’s inside the herd and a fish probably feels weird outside of the school, we feel weird if we’re alone. And there is no higher sense of not being alone than being one with literally everything. It’s modern scientific concepts being plugged into ancient philosophy and even more ancient mammalian psychology. BOOM.

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