Irreducible complexity.

This is a response I gave to someone making the irreducible complexity argument (the idea that because complex modern life forms cannot be taken apart piece by piece and still function their parts must have been simultaneously assembled by god).  I thought it worth reposting:


In a capitalist society no machine can be designed unless it has proper funding, thus complex things like computers have to be useful and functional through every stage of the design process (no one would or could ever spend 50 billion dollars and several decades to invent an ipod, for from scratch, for instance – it had to be invented by modifying other forms of technology which were fully functional).  But if I take the hard drive out of my computer it won’t work.  The same is true for the RAM, power supply, the central processor, LCD screen, keyboard and many other components.  So therefore unless all of these innovations were made simultaneously (which is absurd) the only explanation is that my computer was not the result of a gradual process of modifying simpler technology, but rather had to be created by god.

Does this argument hold water?  Or did simpler machines simply not require things like hard drives or LCD screens?

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2 Responses to Irreducible complexity.

  1. An irreducible complexity argument wouldn’t seem logical even with out the argument about the computer — but it makes it clear and its a good example

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